Destiny's Vault of Glass - The 7th Chest

Bungie has made it clear that not all content in the Vault of Glass has been found.
Recently It was shown that there is another passage to the Templar challenge, just underneath where the first chest is located. Most think this is a jumping challenge of sorts but someone is not so sure. The area is vast, and has a lot of nooks and crannies to explore yet seems completely unused.
Now, going by how the 5th chest needing certain goals to be met before appearing, perhaps this area is where the 6th chest is meant to be, once triggered?

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Toon_Link1535d ago

I hear a lot of talk about more than 5 chests but there's a lot of people on the forums setting up search parties and spending a ton of hours finding nothing. If it's there they definitely did a good job hiding it.

Naga1535d ago

This reminds me of the BF4 Megaladon.

DarthZoolu1534d ago

Why is this titled the way. It should say "6th Chest?"

Palitera1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

The places are somewhat easy to find, the problem are the triggers for the chest to appear. No deaths? No sacrifices? Time limit? No hobgoblin kills? No damage? DO RE MI FA FAFA DO RE DO RE RERE on oracles? Kill all oracles in the presentation phase?

The possibilities literally are literally infinite.

Conzul1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I swear there has to be a chest or something for killing all of the gorgons. I do believe it's doable on Normal.

Just need a single Titan's Ward of Dawn flavored with improved Weapons of Light, and everybody whip out their max'd sniper rifles/shottys and hunt down all 8 of them.

I gotta try and set that up of all 30's (ooooh! or 32s once the DLC hits) and kill all of them.

** The Gorgons Grow Stronger **

Sam Fisher1535d ago

Jesus and here we are thinking raid itself was hard now it just gets more harder

TRD4L1fe1535d ago

I been trying to find this 7th chest for some time now with now luck

Cryptcuzz1535d ago

7th chest?

Do you know where the 6th chest is in the first place?

D3TH_D33LR1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

With the raid being as stupidly broken as it is, good luck finding any sort of patterns to determine if the chest is actually even real or not. Bungie prioritizing the fix of an exploit rather than the horrendous raid wiping glitches shows how much these guys are trying to hide their game away in DLC and will push aside other issues for the sake of hiding their horrendous amount of actual loot content. It's sad. And it's why I'm trading in this expensive beta test. Call me when the collectors edition gets announced and even then I'll be skeptical in picking this game up again.

Palitera1535d ago

Have you played the raid? Which level were you at?

D3TH_D33LR1535d ago Show
Palitera1535d ago

"half baked s*** of a beta", apart from the editted bad names from the #4 message.


I just asked it to see how far your logic of "I hate this terrible game, but have played it for 30, 40 hours (or much more)" would lead.

Nothing new, but still kind of amusing to see the absurdity.

Cra2yey31535d ago

The raid is the best part if the game.

D3TH_D33LR1535d ago

I totally agree. And it's why I'm pissed it's so broken and that there's only 1 in the base game.

JeffGUNZ1534d ago

I still don't like how you can only do it once on normal and hard a week. Makes no sense when there is only one raid in the entire game. At least 3 times a week would be better. No excuse for not having more raids, it would be cool to have one per planet, but I fear that's what DLC is for.

itisallaboutps1535d ago

Maybe kill all the gorgons without dying?

Christopher1534d ago

Not possible. The others become unkillable after the first. At least in my experience. Just this weekend we killed one, went to kill another and it took extremely little damage from the same tactics (talking not even a noticeable bit of damage to it).

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