PlayStation TV (VTE-1001) Review on Popzara

A miscalculated, undercooked attempt at bringing the PS Vita home that’s not ready for primetime.

Full review by Herman "Namreh" Exum on Popzara

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SoapShoes1530d ago

It has its faults like not even having Netflix or other streaming devices. Its compatibility for games is wonky with some Sony titles not being available and obviously touch enabled vita games not working. However I still really enjoy it. If you're looking for something to replace your apple TV you will be disappointed but if you want it for games you will most likely be happy.

I got one for the sole purpose of playing PSP games on TV. Vita and remote play are just icing on the top. Thanks to some PS Plus backlog I have a number of Vita games and just got Freedom Wars and Killzone Merc.

joel_c171530d ago

Still pretty ordinary from sony to release a product with so many things missing.

turdburgler10801530d ago

Not really when you look at the ps4. Here's a list of factual issues with it.

Driveclub server issues
rolling PSN blackout
psnow rip off pricing
share play limited
the joke that is the PS app
delayed games
Thumbsticks wearing out too soon
failed update 2.0

These are all real FACTUAL issues with it. Hell IGN had a video on it.

joel_c171530d ago

Here are the issues that you listed that have been blown way out of proportion.

1. PSN now
2. Shareplay
3. PS APP (havent heard any problems? i use it all the time)
4. Delay games - i have no issues with this
5. Thumb sticks - once again, blown out of proportion.
6. Failed update 2.0 - once again, blown way out of proportion.

PS4 is getting a lot of flack right now because people expected games to be everywhere in the first year - sony have always taken a while to roll out their games because they support the gen before it right up until the end, the only reason xbone has games right now is because it dropped 360 support 2 years ago and had its devs working on this current gen.

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