Will Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One beat PlayStation 4s?

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is trying hard to increase the sales of its Xbox one console but it seems like all the efforts of the company are going down the drain. The prices of console have been cut down, games are being given away for free and Kinect has been removed.

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DigitalRaptor1535d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

What an article title.

I can't believe we keep getting these outrageously redundant almost rhetorical articles, where the outcome is people either deluding themselves into thinking that it's either possible or that "it's a sprint not a marathon", and people getting crapped on and ostracized as fanboys, for talking sense and using pure logic.

There's close to a zero % chance Xbone will beat PS4 this generation - in neither sales, number of games, variety of games etc, etc, etc. It's a hard truth, that is more difficult for some to accept than others.

PS3 launched a year after the 360, when MS was arguably at the top of their game. They got an 8 million unit sales lead over Sony, and that lead was broken down eventually due to PS3 selling faster almost year-on-year after it was made available, despite being significantly more expensive for almost an entire generation. It had all those negatives pinned against it and still outsold the 360. It was the headline in Sony's weakest gaming generation, and PS4 is looking like one of their strongest. It was also the whipping boy of last generation, like Xbone is looking to be this gen.

Both have launched at the same time, and PS4 is almost double the unit sales and outselling Xbone is every region of the world it is also available. Only a Halo game or perhaps Gears of War can boost hardware unit sales in a single month of the year and then it will go back to PS4 domination, in 2015 and onwards. And since PS4 has a larger and more diverse lineup of exclusive games from January through December next year, Xbone stands no chance. I don't see any AAA exclusives in 2015 for MS until 6-8 months into the year either. That won't help.

They even have a legacy conference/event that will announce a fair few new things - BIG things - that will inject hype into the conversation, and keep people excited for PS4 going into 2015 where the games will be rolling.

You can call this trying too hard, but I'm just speaking the truth and pretty confused why these articles keep getting produced when we all ultimately know the answer.

The disagrees alone are disturbing. It really goes to show how aggressive the delusion is. Either that, or people are just disagreeing out of spite from the truth.

@ Pogmathoin

The whole "competition" talk is only valid if you have a company that doesn't give a crap. I remember a time when PS1 and PS2 dominated, and history has taught me that it was glorious.

@ Donthate

As soon as you start posting invalid articles based on old data, I think your contribution to the discussion becomes equally as invalid. Check out the website that the "79% likely to go bankrupt in 2 years" is based on. It's now sat firmly under 50%. Try tracking back the sources you use.

At their current rate of losses, it is likely to be far far far more than 2 years... and I think it's funny that you imply Sony has already begun "skrimping" on the PlayStation division when they've been investing more into it than ever.

Pogmathoin1534d ago

Agreed digital, but also remember, I am sure MS has not put everything on the table either. Let them both fight each other for our business... Once you have the two of them pushing the envelope for an edge, thats good for us. For those who want one dominant console, has history taught you anything?

Ristul1534d ago

I agreed with your comment, but It can clearly also be negative for gamers. Just look at Rise of the Tomb Raider, a game that probably initually was a multi-plat title being bought by Microsoft. This is not good for gamers, It just means less people can play the game. And it's all in the name of competing for our money.

Ultra1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

So true. History has also taught that butthurt fangirls would set up bed-time stories to prevent other console getting good momentum for holiday season.

The logic: they just want to see their console of choice to win in sales figures and specs, but fail to see the bigger picture of winning. Sales is not conclusive - more features, AAA exclusive grades, network performances, and consistent updates (that don't break) are also important factors for benchmarking.

Even Sony hasn't declare anything that PS4 won, only the scared fanbabes have.

Greatness Awaits....

donthate1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I think it is premature to say anything, because one part is the video game world, and the other is the wider company world.

In the video game world, MS is making huge in-roads in both adding value to the console by means of new features, releasing quality exclusives, bundling games and having sales. On top of that, people are starting to notice the stability of Xbox Live. Is this enough to take the US (and maybe UK)? That is likely, because the hype is still well and alive for the PS4.

On the other hand, Sony has massive brand strength in Europe and Asia. This is the market that enabled the PS3 to close the gap on the Xbox 360. MS has made in-roads in those regions, but they are far from enough.

So I think there is plenty of time for both MS and Sony to reach a more even playing field.

In the wider company world, MS could, but is extremely unlikely to, stop support for the Xbox altogether and sell off the division. However, I think MS wants a foot in the door in your living room so that is a very unlikely scenario.

On other hand, a much more likely scenario is Sony descending far worse into their financial death spiral they are in right now. If this continue, if they haven't already they will start crimping on the Playstation division even more. It would be extremely difficult for Sony to make a competitive decision that would land the division into a loss territory to gain market share, because that is essentially the only division that is really profitable.

It is a real threat that Sony may go bankrupt:

That said, my personal opinion is that I prefer the current situation. MS can afford to be the underdog, and Sony in the lead and the division being profitable is the best that can happen to the industry.

Imagine if Sony was having massive losses in the Playstation division? Where would they get the money to continue to invest into it? It would be another burning hole they would cut to achieve "turnaround".

MS being hungry to win, has caused one of the best year of Xbox history in my opinion.

dansdooz1534d ago

Microsoft may never catch sony this gen but your argument is totally biased, currently xbox has the far stronger first party line up, better operating system and more stable network. Currently its the better machine. Theres no hype in my town for ps4 this holiday. Its all about the bone.

beastModeOn1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )


Where is this FAR stronger FIRST PARTY LINEUP?

Titanfall = third party
DR3 = third party
Ryse = third party
Sunset Overdrive = third party
D4= third party

There is no hype for xbone in my town since its launch. It's all about ps4.
Maybe people want real exclusives, not fake exclusives that'll land on PC in few months.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1534d ago

@ "Theres no hype in my town for ps4 this holiday."

Must be a really small town and most of the people living in that town must be Microsoft employees.

sovkhan1534d ago

Your town??? You mean the small house in the meadows/rofl

redwin1533d ago

wow, the best game for ps4 is a remake from ps3, this Christmas they will be playing multiplats and indie games wile greatness awaits. the order's bubble is bursting it has not come out and most people are disappointed, I am not getting it. the way the gameplay looks I think I will most likely get mlb the show. the EA access by it self makes the xbox one more attractive than the ps4 this holiday.

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Lennoxb631534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

"There's close to a zero % chance Xbone will beat PS4 this generation - in neither sales, number of games, variety of games etc, etc, etc."

Ok you're half right. Sure. MS may never beat Sony in sales, I can agree with that. But number of games? Having a larger number of games means nothing if they aren't of good quality, or don't appeal to most (Not saying PS4 doesn't have great games). Variety of Games? Like I said previously, depending on what you're looking for. Everyone doesn't play every type of game.

"I don't see any AAA exclusives in 2015 for MS until 6-8 months into the year either. That won't help."

Possibly they haven't been announced yet? Just like Sony that has a bunch of unannounced games.

dansdooz1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

what does sony have early on next year? i dont see bloodborne appealing to anyone but the hardcore userbase. xbox exclusives this holiday will last a few months into early next year.

Really, sony rested all its laurels on driveclub and look how that turned out, xbox is actually delivering here where sony isnt.
Sony had great momentum on launch and the hype is still there but the cracks are beginning to show.
poor quality hardware from sony as in controllers are deteriorating and poor battery life, loud fan noise.
poor network,broken updates.

The slight increase in resolution on most ps4 multiplats is not important to 70% of the userbase.

The only two things ps4 has over xb1 is raw hardware performance and quicker install times.

St0rm_Cr0w1534d ago

Well said man, and not a hint of bias (seriously) Bubbed.

Imalwaysright1534d ago

"The whole "competition" talk is only valid if you have a company that doesn't give a crap. I remember a time when PS1 and PS2 dominated, and history has taught me that it was glorious."

And why didn't history repeat itself last gen? Why was that dominance lost? Do you really believe that faceless corporations give two craps about us and that their main goal isn't the almighty $.

Kavorklestein1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Okay, so let's go along with your idea and say that there is ZERO chance that the Xbox one will ever catch up to the PS4. And you may be right! I dont' see MS taking over anytime soon, much less at all... but after we acknowledge this scenario- Then what?

Is that it?
Is that all it's really gonna take to get Sony fans to grow up and stop bashing things that are not THEIR console of choice, but are still good and entertaining consoles??

I swear, to you guys, there's always "SOMETHING bad" about anything that's NOT A SONY Product. Goalposts are always shifting as Sony fans scramble to look like their opinion really matters. And last gen, some 360 fans were this way too.. and they were jerks for doing it too!

But back to the topic--- Is admitting that Xbox one is not in a prime position to dominate for tech, features, or sales suddenly supposed to mean that nobody should ever buy an xbox one??? Even if they really want to? Is that supposed to mean that all the millions of people in the world's various reasons for buying ANYTHING are supposed to cater to sales numbers, and just simply disappear?

Haha! The Sony fanboys WISH it was that easy! I mean, if it was THAT easy, then no 2nd place (in sales) console would EVER continue to be on the market after one year of lower sales than the Competition...

That would mean: Nintendo 64 would have stopped selling after the 1st year, cuz of lower sales than Playstation.

Xbox and Gamecube would have ceased to exist after 1 year of lower sales than Playstation 2.

Xbox 360 and PS3 wouldn't exist after year 1 (2 in the xbox 360's case because Wii came out after the 360) because of inferior sales numbers compared to the Wii.

See how stupid this all is?

It's really not about being the best selling console- it's about what that specific console offers to a particular gamer's interest and desires- or whatever criteria they use to determine Value...

This sales crap is an old dead horse folks... let's just get over it.

Sure! PS4 WILL probably sell the most this gen!

But will that really matter to people who don't want a Playstation 4 in the first place? Will better specs always determine the success of a console?

If history is any indicator, then No! N64 was more powerful than Ps1... did that really matter in the long run? No...
Xbox was more powerful then Ps2.. did that matter in the long run? No.. Gamecube was more poweful than Ps2.. did it really matter in the long run?

No! Everyone bought what they wanted, and HOPEFULLY they ENJOYED GAMING! Ya know, our "favorite hobby"? Or have you all forgotten what gaming is all about?
1st in sales doesn't guarantee satisfaction with a product! Just like some people don't buy a Honda or a Toyota despite popular opinions because they want an American car... or any number of situations that are similar to this where sales don't determine satisfaction for everybody. A top selling artist like Beyonce doesn't appeal to me, but an underground DJ or solo guitarist might.. see where I'm goin with this?

People will buy whatever they want for whatever reasons, and unless things are used to intentionally harm someone else's quality of life, it will never be for the wrong reason.

Live and let live.
If Scotty's girlfriend is uglier than mine, do I have to go all around town bullying Scotty just because of it? No!
PS4 owners be like:
"My dad can beat up your dad!"

If that's the kind of gamers Sony fans want to be, then I say: go ahead and stay on the pre-school playground where you jerks belong.

sovkhan1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Who wins or not is of no interest for me, and i dare to think for the majority here.

Now when you see the number of contributions that are brandished like a sword of Damocles over Sony in order to misinform or to sow distrust and fear we are in the need to re-establish the truth or at least try.

This is the meaning of many posts here, because I do not think we're quite puerile to wish for the demise of a major player, no matter our platform of choice!!!

neomahi1534d ago

He's right. I laugh every time I hear everyone are just standing behind Sony and Sony can do no wrong. Sony was the whipping boy last gen and PlayStation consumers were walked all over and every store you went it, it was Xbox, Xbox, Xbox.

Well, Sony marketed the best, they have the more powerful console, and the stronger first-party. They learned from last gen which Microsoft will learn from this one that they need more first-party studios with HUGE games to match PlayStation and Nintendo. They can't just rely and put all their emphasis on Halo.

Sony isn't infalable. They can trip and screw up if they're not careful. Vita is a testament to that. It was marketed beautifully and then they opted to go with AT&T which was the most expensive carrier for data. They had a lot of momentum and Nintendo was scared! Nintendo had no software for the 3DS and was the same price as the Vita. Then, out of know where, Nintendo drops their price, all of the software comes out, that isn't exactly good, but is variety, and suddenly, the 3DS is rivaling console sales and the hardware isn't as powerful as Vita and it's challenging mobile gaming.

There's no logic in Xbox Fandom gospel. It's fear and regret. Money invested and fear of losing the battle to save their pride. People are opinionated, and proud of what they support. Everyone has a sort of buyers remorse when they see fear of failure but, things turn around. I started psyched to have an Xbox 360 because I liked the original Xbox more than the PS2 and Gamecube my friends had. I was the only to have an Xbox. But, I later shelled out $500 for a PS3 and couldn't believe was I was missing out on. I was bummed for a while the third party games were lacking but loved the first-party. It disproved everything said about lacking hardware and that people were ignorant. It had shown the hardware was far more powerful and eventually, the games came to parity, and then surpassed the 360 version.

That's just how it goes so, I totally agree with this guy.

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lifeisgamesok1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

MSFT is doing phenomenal with the software they're producing

And with support from Sadella, Phil, etc I think MS will eventually catch Sony

Microsoft's pockets run deeper than the Atlantic ocean and I can see them buying up 3rd party exclusives that many gamers will want to play on top of building their own franchises

It's rumored that Sony has ceased research on PS5 by the Japanese and if this is true they may be considering an even longer life cycle for the PS4 while Microsoft advances into the next generation

Sony can't afford to keep posting billion dollar losses

Majin-vegeta1534d ago

Lol you;re delusion never ceases to amaze.Just cuz MS has the money doesn't mean it's available at their disposable.The top heads have to ok it.If the 1 sales dont pick up soon.I can see Ms wanting to get rid of the X1 division.

DanZeeMan1534d ago

You don't spend $2 billion on acquiring Mojang when the money "isn't avaliable"

WeaseL1534d ago

They didn't buy Mojang for xbox they want it for there flagging Mobile & PC devisions

TRD4L1fe1534d ago

I think you and gamesok might be on the same delusional boat

kassler1534d ago

Did you just made up that rumor?

FITgamer1534d ago

He didn't make it up. I'm pretty sure he's referring to a failed article a few weeks ago by some random Japanese blog. Which is even worse.

KingIsBackBaby1534d ago

He actually pulled that BS from misterXmedia's rear.

St0rm_Cr0w1534d ago


CaptainObvious8781534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

"... buying up 3rd party exclusives..."

Wow, just wow. That mindset is one of the more pathetic things I've seen on this site for a while.

So you're happy MS wasted money on blocking tomb raider coming to the PS4, instead of spending it on a brand new game? It was coming to the xbone regardless, how does that benefit you?

My brain literally can't comprehend your level of fanboyism.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1534d ago

The title isn't Flamebait, but it is clickbait. It's apparent that it wasn't written by a braindead fanboy like so many negative DriveClub/PSN articles that have been popping up consistently over the past 4 weeks. Most of which was obviously an attempt by "certain individuals" to slow down Sony's bullet train. Was the smear campaign a success? We'll see when NPD results come in for October and November, but I doubt that the childish anti-PS4 campaign has done anything to slow the PS4's momentum.

SniperControl1534d ago

Well said, there has been a rash of articles in the last few weeks trying to put Sony and the PS4 down. From the "2.0 update total disaster" to the "Sony will be bankrupt in two years" articles that have been created by so called journalists for the sole purpose of getting hits for there nobody sites.

The fundamental problem with N4G is that, these so called journalists, are then allowed to self publish there obvious click/flamebait articles much to the merriment of xbox trolls. In fact, most of the approvals of these articles are from known one bubble xbox trolls.

Rimgal1534d ago

Am I the only one who couldn't read the article without having to give my e-mail?

nix1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

i read. with the email box still over it.. i just kept scrolling down and read the visible parts.

and that one comment at the site.. sigh.

TheWatercooler1534d ago

I just put in a fake email and the box went away

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