Lag Compensation Has Ruined Advanced Warfares Multiplayer

Lag has always been a topic of intense discussion with Call of Duty games. Advanced warfare is the first game that has tried to overcome this and in the process has completely destroyed the multiplayer game mode. Lag compensation is Advanced Warfares method of "evening the odds". Players with slow connections will no longer have a disadvantage over players with fast connections. In theory this sounds like a fantastic idea, but when you see how it works, it's quite possibly the worst thing they could have ever done!

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lnfiniteLoop1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

lag compensation has never worked well on any of the COD games... it would be a better idea to dump all those with slower connections in with other players with slower connections for starters then impliment the lag compensation... then there would be less of a impact on the players connections...

JohnnyBadfinger1531d ago

Or as it should be for all games. Search your locale ONLY!
Global internet speeds arent up to it by a long shot! in 20 years perhaps but it will have to be a significant leap in telecommunication technologies. Fibre Optic has already capped out. whats next?

Septic1531d ago

Last gen problems that I thought we could put to bed rear their faces again in a multi billion dollar franchise. So disappointing.

CaptainObvious8781531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

You're definitely right that's it's just common sense to search for local games.

I'm Aussie though, and for a lot of games there's like 2 people playing online.

For a popular game like COD it's not so bad, but something like pvz or warframe I'm forced to search for US or Europe games.

It sucks!

Bubiii1531d ago

How to you search for local games only in AW?

Palitera1531d ago

Bubii, you don't.
Just another step back since the age of the good CoDs.

On topic: remove lag compensation on a P2P game and you'll have Black Ops infinite immortal superman host mode.

ramiuk11531d ago

i would to just be able to have UK only.

countrys like italy,spain,germany seem to cause me lag in many games.

but lets be honest with dedicated servers nobody would have an issue

Skate-AK1531d ago

If I remover right, Black Ops had the local option. I don't know why they never implemented it in the other games.

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ToonarmY1531d ago

Why do they not just go back to having Dedicated Servers.....

Penny pinching that's why

XtraTrstrL1531d ago

Exactly, and everyone knows that's the best answer for all the dropped connections, host migrations and hit marker issues. It really is sad for this gen to still have to deal with this crap. I mean, shouldn't this be part of why we pay for Live/PSN - to have smooth online gaming? Why are we paying to get online when most developers is doing p2p garbage online anyways.

MS should be giving Azure servers completely free to devs for online, and Sony should have dedicated servers lined up for these devs too. The funds are already coming out of our pockets. Instead it's mainly being kept as pure profits for both of them. MW3 had Dedicated Servers again on PC, only because sales had dropped so low just before that on PC. They don't even have to pay for online on PC, and they still got dedicated servers. Console gamers are getting completely jipped, because they accept everything and still rush to pre-order and give these dirty publishers great day-1 sales.

oODEADPOOLOo1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

"Why" because people keep buying the game at full price day one and even with seasons pass and other special editions. To send a message its more effective to just not buy the game, they wont listen to complaints because people keep buying the game.

I got it at half off due to fluke promo I was mislead by, and they probably don't even deserve that much for how they deal with their customers. I saw it as a $30 singleplayer with spacey, since its clear Activision and any dev they are tied to are gonna ignore the core issues with the game. I might just trade it in for Alien Isolations Season pass if it remains broken.

NarooN1531d ago

Yeah, the problem with the game isn't lag compensation itself -- it's the fact that their implementation of it sucks. If modern day multiplayer games had no lag comp, they would be unplayable. The problem with CoD (and you'd think this would've been fixed by now, it's been goddamned years already) is that it is poorly optimized and coded. The netcode has been abysmal since post-MW2. MW2, for all it's flaws, had some solid netcode. But after that, it's been terrible in the series.

FITgamer1531d ago

Only problem with that is parties. Some may be made up players with varying internet speeds, so that would solve the problem.

BoriboyShoGUN1531d ago

the whole point is to play people from everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They just need dump the slower connections like you said. Or just use dedicated servers!

3-4-51531d ago

There is about 20% as much lag as everyone is saying there is.

It's the too fast gameplay that is dragging it down.

I thought it was awesome, but is kind of getting old quick.

It almost feels like Unreal Call of Advanced Warfare Tournament

rbluetank1531d ago

that's a great name "Unreal Call of Advanced Warfare Tournament" lol

ThunderPulse1531d ago

I quit playing MP today cause of the lag.

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BigBosss1531d ago

I'm lagging so much on the PS4 version that it's not funny anymore! It's impossible to play! Just fix the lag and respawn points and it will be really good!

Utalkin2me1531d ago

How bad does your game slow down?

BigBosss1531d ago

Want to know how bad the game is? My best mate lives 20 minutes away from me and we both lag like no tomorrow! It's not from my side because I have checked everything and called up my internet provider just to make sure.

Utalkin2me1531d ago

Again, How slow does your game get? Does it feel like it runs at 30fps? Or maybe 35? I mean exactly define your "Lag".

ChickeyCantor1531d ago

" called up my internet provider just to make sure."
I doubt your internet provider will blame themselves.

Make sure no firewall is hogging your connection( portfowarding etc). Make sure no one in your home is using most of the bandwidth.

BigBosss1531d ago

By lag I mean I am skipping here and there, I shoot someone and they don't die, etc. and my nat type was on moderate before but now its on open, so that's cleared up.

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JohnnyBadfinger1531d ago

your mistake was buying the game, not your consoles version. I knew it would be fucked from the get go. and asking for dedicated servers wont help either. unless your willing to wait for the next CoD

Palitera1531d ago

"Waiting for the same game with the same engine with a slightly different number on its name". Why???

ramiuk11531d ago

im on ps4 uk and i dont have issues that iwould say ruin the game.
im virgin fibre 152mb down 25mb up

BigBosss1531d ago

I'm from Sydney, Australia and I hit 17.5MBPS and 0.80MB up :/

Kingdomcome2471531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I've noticed that my NAT type in settings is open, but once I'm in COD it says moderate. Does anyone have a solution? I've gone through all of the steps to open up my NAT type, but it didn't change it in game.

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urwifeminder1531d ago

Perks killed COD for me and a thousand load outs.

JohnnyBadfinger1531d ago

CoD in my eyes Peaked at World at War and MW2. Every other addition has just dug the hole deeper and deeper. im not sure if we can even see the bottom anymore

urwifeminder1531d ago

Yeah I wonder if we will get a shooter where everyone is even irrespective of time played , one of the reasons I liked COD 3 hated it at first though. Too many guns perks ranks menu bloat and lens flare .

SouthClaw1531d ago

Thank you. Somebody else who agrees that.

MW2 was a half decent game wasn't as good as COD4 / WaW but was the beginning of the end of the COD everyone loved. It started the turn into overly complicating the game and also brought in lag issues from that game to the current one.

VealParmHero1531d ago

I like this game minus the lag, but yes it has become a bit much how each year they sort of take the exact perks and change the slots, break them into separate perks, make them into attachments etc. Its just sort of getting convoluted.

Fizzerd1531d ago

Looks like I'm the only one on the internet who doesn't experience lag while playing AW multiplayer.

But hey, at least we got the fastest Internet from Europe, here in The Netherlands.

irepbtown1531d ago

Here in the UK the fastest internet provider is Hyperoptic and they do up to 1000mb (1GB) however they aren't as widespread as Virgin Media who do up to 152mb.

I'm with sky and I get up to 16mbps :(
The second my contract is up I'm joining Virgin Media.

thrust1531d ago

Your the host all the time then!

sourav931531d ago

The host is the person with the crappiest connection.

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DoomeDx1531d ago

Same here! 'Ziggo alles-in-een Extra'.

No lag at all here

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MetroidFREAK211531d ago

The lag comp is pretty unbearable at times, but it's been that way for years now, so I've learned to deal with dying around corners

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