Tabata: Final Fantasy XV's Release Date Already Set, But it Could Be Slightly Later Than We Expect

Final Fantasy XV game director Hajime Tabata mentionedthat Square Enix has already set the release date of the game, but it could be later than people expect.


The original french translation talked about release date, but the Japanese actually talks about a "release window."

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Snookies121531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I was kind of expecting late 2015... So, does that mean it'll be in 2016? That would suck...

Come on guys, 20XV is the perfect release year for this game!

joab7771531d ago

2016 for sure. It just better be really good by then b/c alot of great games will have come and gone.

Systemshock21531d ago

Yup 1st quarter 2016 pretty much confirmed, the Demo, like MGSVGZ is to hold us off till real deal.

trenso11531d ago

2016 just makes sense with type-0 HD in march 2015 2 final fantasy in the same year doesn't make sense, also with the recent final fantasy's releasing in Q1 of the year im expecting a Q1 2016 release the latest being Q2

hay1530d ago

10 years in the making and you end with controlling one character using one button and the car drives on a predefined path by itself.

Why do I have a feeling that this will end like FF13 and people will be waaay too overhyped and defensive to see through the beautifully painted pile of time wasting rubbish.

Better buy Last Story and give money to the guy who created the FF series, not the vampires who are sucking the blood out of someone else's legacy.

Magicite1531d ago

Yeah, Im sure many will agree, that 2nd half of 2015 would be great for FF15, but Ill be glad if we can get it early 2016 too.

Adrian_v011531d ago

He said later than we think. If we all assume it's 2016 then... :p

killacal131530d ago

Well, this would be a little too much waiting. The game better be a masterpiece by the time it comes out if it's in 2017. Even though I really hope it comes out in 2015. When do you guys think we'll get an actual release date, or at the very least a release window?

zero_gamer1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

"Come on guys, 20XV is the perfect release year for this game!"

Square-Enix would probably disagree. I personally would wait til 2016 if it means a complete game instead of some unpolished, half-baked buggy mess with cut-out content.

ABizzel11531d ago


Maybe late 2015 for JP, Spring 2016 for Western release.

Snookies121531d ago

You don't think they might try and shoot for a simultaneous release? Well, assuming they do the lip syncing like FFXIII for the western release... I certainly don't mind waiting a bit.

This is probably one of the only games I'm going to go ahead and import if it gets released in Japan before the rest of the world. Been waiting too dang long not to play it as soon as possible. I'll just have to buy a second copy when it comes to NA, lol.

RedDevils1531d ago

2026 it will release the 1 was a mistype lol

killacal131530d ago

I mean, it should release in Japan in late 2015, the rest of the world would be ok with a early 2016 release date, and when I say early I mean January of February release. I just hope it lives up to my expectations.

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dasbeer881531d ago

It's never going to come out. /s

mt1531d ago

along with PS5 as launch game.

killacal131530d ago

Tell me you are joking about it being released in 2020.

jhoward5851531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Take all the time you need square to make Final Fantasy XV a master piece. Keep in mind guys square have to worry about their competition, Final Fantasy XV has to be at least as good(or better) as game like the TLG, zelda wii U, etc.

elninels1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

If they're truly striving for an interesting combat system in a massive open world with an intriguing setting&plot then the game to measure up against will be xenoblade chronicles x.

Edited for grammar and general ineptitude.

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