Zavvi unleashes eye-catching 360 bundle

MCV writes: buy an Xbox 360 Elite with GTA IV and get Guitar Hero III for free. Zavvi's sales are rumbling on with yet another impressive in-store Xbox 360 bundle.

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kevoncox4741d ago

Sony bundles MGS4 for free and it's a smart move.
A store bundles 360 games and it's because it's not seeling.
No one will mention both are wins for gamers...Throw feces at each other fanboys. Throw feces!

heyheyhey4741d ago

yeah i know, my friend is buying that one tomorrow

-Neon-4741d ago

I got a good PS3 bundle there today. 40gb PS3, MGS4 and 2 copies of GT5P for £325.

heyheyhey4741d ago

that's a sweet deal

but why 2 copies of GT5p?

-Neon-4741d ago

For some reason there was already a copy of the game in the PS3 box. This wasn't the GT5P bundle btw, the game shouldn't have been in the box. Thats how I ended up with 2 copies. I would have rather it have been a different game though :P.

iHEARTboobs4741d ago

The Black 360 looks way better then the white. But that's just my opinion of course.

Xi4741d ago

you're such a fanboy of black consoles.

I bet you want a black wii too?


just kidding <3