What Hardcore Fans Can Expect From Dragon Age: Inquisition

From tactical gameplay to managing your party's relationships, BioWare creative director Mike Laidlaw talks about what to expect in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Larry L1532d ago

This is not just going tp be good for hardcore fans of the DA universe, but it also looks good for the hardcore rpg fans who like deeply challenging and tactical experiences in general. Origins was pretty good but even on Nightmare I no-partied the Archdemon with my admitedly God-Level Arcane Warrior/Bloodmage. Still challenging tho, I just mastered the game. Inquisition looks MUCH harder if you are a gamer who wants the challenge.

Just this morning i was watching the angry joe preview vid, and he started his playthrough on Nightmare to see how hard it would be. Now he used an archer, so he knda made it even harder to start. But he couldn't even beat the tutorial boss battle, which was just an Ogre and a few minions.

That level of challenge along with the seemingly amazing campaign and the standalone Diablo-esque, this game's got it all for every kind of fan.

TRD4L1fe1532d ago

1st off, angry joe is a joke. Archers are one of the easier classes to use because you dont have to get close to anything, and if he cant get by a turtorial boss then he should just quit gaming all together.

2nd, I watch the hour long live multiplayer gameplay and I gotta say it looks extremely fun and challanging, not sure if it is something I would wanna play with random gamers that dont have a mic.

diablo21571532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

The joke's on you!

Lord_Sloth1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

How does picking the most cowardly and long ranged class make it harder when you stand back away from the danger by the very nature of the class? Be a man, grab a sword THEN tell me he made it more difficult it is!

Larry L1531d ago

WHOA!!! LOL relax. You and the other guy jumped right on that, eh? I've never been much of an archer guy. But I've played them specifically in DA:O. On easier 9;s not hard, but still tedious early on due to the low amount of damage you're doing with each hit. And even on harder settings, archers in DAO were very powerful feeling if they're fully leveled up. But remember, I'm specifically saying he started a brand new game, on MAX difficulty, with an archer who not only has a bow that hardly does damage on easy, nevermind Nightmare, but also only has basic attack, then he opened up a basic close quarters escape skill. And he's also VERY squishy against very agressive enemies. 2 good shots and he was done.

I guess you guys got a total different take on level 1 archers than I do, but for me, an archer would be by far the hardest possible class to start brand new on Nightmare difficulty. No damage, no defense......with those variables in this game on hardest difficulty, without good strategy, you have no chance.


I'm kinda excited for this, only played Dragon Age: Origins and that was decent in my opinion. This looks much better.

MookaTek1531d ago

I'm one of the few that enjoyed both Dragon Age games released previous to this one almost equally (part one being my favorite, with part two being nearly as good), so I decided to take a week off of work to play this game. I really, really like this series.

I mean, it's Dragon Age. And it's open world. Maybe I should've taken two weeks...

Seafort1531d ago

You might need 3-4 weeks if you want to finish it completely in that time :P

This is no small game like a lot of AAA games now. It's more like a PC Elder Scrolls game which can go on for months/years if you wanted to :)

MookaTek1531d ago

Agreed, and in fact I could afford to take off three or more weeks, but I'm supposed to be an adult now, so I... might. Against my better judgement.

We'll see how it goes.