Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Campaign Glitch

Jermain writes:

"Having just beaten the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare campaign on my PS4, I decided to go into mission select. As I am working on my review for the game's strategy guide, my plan was to replay the missions and use it to mop up whatever remaining pieces of intel I missed. You know, for accuracy.

Much to my surprise, I discover that I can only select the first four missions to replay. It seems the game isn't recognizing that I have beaten the full campaign, let alone any mission after the third one. I also didn't unlock the trophy 'A New Era', for completing the campaign on any difficulty.

The video below was recorded via my PS4 after the fact. For those who have beaten the game, you'll recognize this is the final mission 'Terminus'. I only show the beginning of the mission but you can clearly see after backing out, and trying to use mission select again, that only missions 1-4 are available."

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Cstahler92RNG1537d ago

Wow, this would suck. Nice job though!

Hitman07691537d ago

The PlayStation Share button coming in handy for the community ? How is that new Update working with YouTube. or is this captured on device? Just curious. The tech geek side of me wants to know.

TheJacksonRGN1537d ago

It was via PS4 and shared straight to Youtube.

Immorals1537d ago

Happened to me on black ops 1. Worst thing was it was a vet playthrough :(

Immorals1537d ago

That level in Nam where you have to fight your way down the hill was stressful enough the first time!

LonDonE1537d ago

LOL Tell me about it took me forever to figure out that you had to push the barrels lol and so i would sit there constantly fighting wave after wave thinking is this ever gonna end?

That levels was annoying but i still loved the black ops 1 single player!
Advanced warfare so far has been great too, the graphics in single player and in multi player are a massive step up! for me, this is easily the first true next gen cod game we have gotten! ghosts was terrible.

I actually liked all the set pieces and stealth levels in AW and i think the mechanics of boosting was a great change.
Only thing i want now is for the developers to sort the dam net code!
I have a very good connection which has always given me host in cod games with full ping bars, but in AW the ping is all over the place.

The game shows the ping constantly fluctuating from full to one bar and its super annoying! and then at the end of the match it shows everyone on stable full bars because i gather at that point the so called listen servers take over hence why the connection becomes stable.

Man i think if cod implemented true dedicated servers it would be a massive game changer for the franchise.
Such a shame we get P2P in 2014.

Dirtnapstor1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

World at update wiped out my progress, removed all the death cards collected!

Immorals1537d ago

Oh god world at war.. Veteran on that game still gives me nightmares!

Immorals1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

@LonDonE, the single player in Aw was good, good story, good levels, good acting.

The multiplayer, however is terrible. I've been playing since cod1, (I skipped ghosts and mw3!) .

It may be that I got spoiled by titanfall, but it feels really really REALLY lazily designed. The maps are too camper orientated, if you give someone the freedom of boost jumping, then let them go where they want! Out of bounds areas are unacceptable.

Also, p2p in 2014 is a disgrace. As are the spawns (worst in any cod game I've played!)

Shame really, if they'd released it as a sp only game I wouldn't regret my purchase as much as I do now!

KONAAs1537d ago

uhh is it me or the hardest game play setting dosn't even seem difficult? ive never strugles in a game as much as i did in Killzone 2. but this game was better than the rest they need to raise the difficult more,
all u have to do is shot cover shot, and run forward to skip that sceen with enemies. one example is the level were u gona kill the bad guy, all u do is run forward and "magically" they run back

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Fil1011537d ago

I had a problem on the forth mission fission where I get to the lift and nothing happens I had to start from the start plus on the first mission I was in a shop or restaurant and I had the flying spawn bot things coming through a solid wall at me, all in all though I've loved the campaign

1537d ago
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