Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review (The Geek Culture)

Sledgehammer Games' latest Call of Duty entry will certainly rebuild your excitement for the first-person shooting series.

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UltimaEnder1531d ago

Couldn't agree more, running through the story now!

Fizzerd1531d ago

The ending is fantastic. Great campaign + I recommend you listen to the credits soundtrack. Epic.

bigboss19901531d ago

This game is the same bolloks they give you every year..morden warfare 1&2 and black ops 1&2 that's enough for me no more now..

UltimaEnder1531d ago

I never thought COD had true "bosses" so this didn't bother me, and I loved Spacey in the game...

ape0071531d ago

big boss why you're angry? because u get a game every like 7 years or so (mgs)

bigboss19901531d ago

I'm not angry lol I just feel we have enough fps games out there and I played this a few hours and I wasn't impressed with it. It feels the same as black ops to me but only you can jump higher that's I really enjoyed morden warfare 1&2 and the black ops games but I just feel cod isjust growing tired now.its up you lot if you like it but for me it just felt the same lol

ape0071531d ago

this is honestly the most polished and well done CoD since MW2, the 3 year cycle paid off, still on the level on original IW games but pretty damn good

can u imagine what will treyarch in their game next year, they never been given 3 years to develop a game plus the new engine.....CoD is back

plus the remaining people at IW that gave us the sucky ghosts is hiring new people like Minkoff and Kurosaki from Naughty Dog

edwick1531d ago

the campaign is good, but multiplayer is absolute trash this year. i hate saying that, because i actually love cod... but 4 days in, for the first time in like 7 or 8 years, i said, "whelp. i just wasted 60 bucks." it's just a chaotic mess with nothing truly working right. from recoil to move mechanics, most of it's broken in one way or another.
someone said it was polished? wow. those are some pretty dark blinders you have on.