The PS4 has won the Console War

The PS4 has won the war already. This is one debate to end all debate. Knight Writer writes: "Both consoles sold a million units in 24 hours on launch. Microsoft went back on their ridiculous DRM policies but it was already too late".

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98xpresent1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

In sales? Yes . The games are rubbish tho

Edit: the ps4 got cellphone games LOL

Mechanism1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

You stealth edited your part - "PS4 has cellphone games LOL".

Higher Metacritic average, and more games.. Look it up.


PONTIAC08G8GT1534d ago

More games? Besides indie titles, please explain the "more games?"

Palitera1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Funny enough, lots of the best games this gen ARE indies... AAA games became incredibly predictable and derivative.

It annoyed me at first, but they are saving this gen so far.

About the needed explanation, indie games are games. Enough said.


PS: How the hell a stupid article like this get approved? And why the F am I commenting on such a dumb/childish "debate"?

SoapShoes1534d ago

@Pontiac - Will do. Final Fantasy 14, MLB The Show, TLOU, Second Son, First Light, DriveClub, Bound by Flame, MotoGP 14, MXGP 14, Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, Air Conflicts Vietnam, LBP3, Guilty Gear, War Thunder are all games released this year not on X1. None are indie games either.

souldestroyer141534d ago

Ff is garbage. Tlou is not an exclusive and is almost 2 years old
Second son actuallylooks cool but people sseemed to not care about that game real quick. First light? Isn'tthat dlc. Lol drive club. Lol indies. And guilty gear will obviously be good

SoapShoes1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

@Souldestroyer None of those are indies and you logic is horrible. If TLOU isn't exclusive then neither is Forza Horizon 2, Super Smash Bros, or MCC. FF got several awards for best RPG and MMO. First Light has a physical release. You are moving the goalpost so much it's comical.

saint_seya1534d ago


So you are saying that The last of us is not exclusive because its on ps3 too, so lets see..
Forza horizon 2, its not exclusive because is on both consoles, ryse not exclusive because is also on pc, Titan Fall and Dead Rising too.. And the upcoming Halo collection is also like the Last of Us, but with even "older" games as you called the Last of us old and not exclusive.
According to you, its Sunset Overdrive and Forza the exclusives that you have on x-box one untill the next year?

rainslacker1533d ago

Even if you exclude indies(by which I guess you mean download only), the PS4 still has more retail releases on their system.

Funny no matter how you try to twist the numbers it always comes out with the PS4 has more games. The only time I see people say otherwise is when they just want to say it enough to make it true, or they purposefully leave out releases on the PS4.

Truth hurts, but has the "no games" argument actually ever worked in the console wars?

SoapShoes1533d ago

Oops I missed Natural Doctrine, Akibas Trip 2, and Sing star in that list too. Prob missed a few others too not sure.

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MysticStrummer1534d ago

"The games are rubbish tho"

You may not personally like them but PS4 has the better reviewed lineup.

OT - This "war" is a long way from over, but PS4 is dominating thus far, no doubt.

PONTIAC08G8GT1534d ago

Outside of TLOU (which is a remake), tell me what other PS4 games are getting awesome reviews? Killzone? Driveclub? Infmaous? I think Knack has the best score. Driveclub is basically broken. And I'm not talking indie games. Compare those scores to Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2, Dead Rising, and the X1 crushes it.

MysticStrummer1534d ago

@Pontiac - Games are games. I remember last generation when smaller downloadable games were a legitimate bragging point for 360. Suddenly those games don't count anymore. I wonder why that is? You guys are like FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC, cherry picking facts to support your talking points.

I play Driveclub everyday. It's not "basically broken". Skyrim was in worse shape when it launched and Bethesda got a Developer of the Year award.

HeWhoWalks1534d ago

He can't personally like them - he doesn't actually own a PS4.

I do agree that it's not over till it's over, but in this case, saying the PS4 won is probably a sure fire thing. Without EU and JP, Microsoft will never beat Sony. Just my take on the market and what history can, sometimes, dictate.

No_Limit1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

"You guys are like FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC, cherry picking facts to support your talking points. "

LOL, I can't help but laugh at this self admission post.

OT, I don't recall many X360 owners bragging about indies..there were some in the beginning like Castle Crasher and Braid but it is mostly about big hitters like Gears of War, Halo mixed in with some cult hits like Crackdown and Lost Oddessey. I would know because I owned all the consoles and buy lots of games unlike most people here.

MysticStrummer1534d ago

@No_Limit - I can't help but laugh at your attempt to downplay what I said when you know it's true, though it doesn't just apply to XB fanboys. Having the disposable income to buy every system doesn't make you immune from fanboyism, by the way.

I remember many downloadable 360 games being talked about on here as pluses for the system. Slowly they started making their way to PS3, then PS3 started getting it's own bunch of good smaller titles. By the end of the generation downloadable titles were no longer a bragging point for 360, and now they're supposedly a liability for PS4. Moving goalposts.

TOTSUKO1534d ago

Its funny how Xbox fans are still being fooled by the same illusion MS creates to think they have better AAA exclusives since the 360.

Most of the AAA exclusives are timed and paid 3rd party that eventually reaches other platforms.

Even Halo and Gears are not even developed by the original studios but they are still true exclusives nonetheless.

Sunset Overdrive is developed by a Sony (2nd Party) studio, so I hope you guys now know what most playstation games are like. Enjoy it

If you bring up reviews, ps3 exclusives had way more and better reviewed games middle and end of that generation. Its only the beginning, just give it time to realize Sony's 1st parties are no joke.

Sony 1st Party > MS 1st party by a mile and 2 planets.

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Jaqen_Hghar1534d ago

A man got tired of listing things but luckily saw this site

MysticStrummer1534d ago

Nice. Too bad the facts will be ignored once again when the next debate starts in 5 minutes or so.

tinynuggins1534d ago

Unfortunately this list is missing a bunch of games. Maybe they stopped updating it?

Condemnedman1534d ago

Best comment of the thread. Sony can't afford real games just android knock offs

dragon821533d ago

It is funny we have been hearing how Sony can't afford new games for about five years now. I keep buying them so they must have found money somewhere.

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Kayant1534d ago

Since this is about sales this is a bit late to the party. They had won sometime ago :p

Kavorklestein1533d ago

Okay, so let's go along with the idea and say that there is ZERO chance that the Xbox one will ever catch up to the PS4. And you may be right! I dont' see MS taking over anytime soon, much less at all... but after we acknowledge this scenario- Then what?

Is that it?
Is that all it's really gonna take to get Sony fans to grow up and stop bashing things that are not THEIR console of choice, but are still good and entertaining consoles??

I swear, to you guys, there's always "SOMETHING bad" about anything that's NOT A SONY Product. Goalposts are always shifting as Sony fans scramble to look like their opinion really matters. And last gen, some 360 fans were this way too.. and they were jerks for doing it too!

But back to the topic--- Is admitting that Xbox one is not in a prime position to dominate for tech, features, or sales suddenly supposed to mean that nobody should ever buy an xbox one??? Even if they really want to? Is that supposed to mean that all the millions of people in the world's various reasons for buying ANYTHING are supposed to cater to sales numbers, and just simply disappear?

Haha! The Sony fanboys WISH it was that easy! I mean, if it was THAT easy, then no 2nd place (in sales) console would EVER continue to be on the market after one year of lower sales than the Competition...

That would mean: Nintendo 64 would have stopped selling after the 1st year, cuz of lower sales than Playstation.

Xbox and Gamecube would have ceased to exist after 1 year of lower sales than Playstation 2.

Xbox 360 and PS3 wouldn't exist after year 1 (2 in the xbox 360's case because Wii came out after the 360) because of inferior sales numbers compared to the Wii.

See how stupid this all is?

It's really not about being the best selling console- it's about what that specific console offers to a particular gamer's interest and desires- or whatever criteria they use to determine Value...

This sales crap is an old dead horse folks... let's just get over it.

Sure! PS4 WILL probably sell the most this gen!

But will that really matter to people who don't want a Playstation 4 in the first place? Will better specs always determine the success of a console?

If history is any indicator, then No! N64 was more powerful than Ps1... did that really matter in the long run? No...
Xbox was more powerful then Ps2.. did that matter in the long run? No.. Gamecube was more poweful than Ps2.. did it really matter in the long run?

No! Everyone bought what they wanted, and HOPEFULLY they ENJOYED GAMING! Ya know, our "favorite hobby"? Or have you all forgotten what gaming is all about?
1st in sales doesn't guarantee satisfaction with a product! Just like some people don't buy a Honda or a Toyota despite popular opinions because they want an American car... or any number of situations that are similar to this where sales don't determine satisfaction for everybody. A top selling artist like Beyonce doesn't appeal to me, but an underground DJ or solo guitarist might.. see where I'm goin with this?

People will buy whatever they want for whatever reasons, and unless things are used to intentionally harm someone else's quality of life, it will never be for the wrong reason.

Live and let live.
If Scotty's girlfriend is uglier than mine, do I have to go all around town bullying Scotty just because of it? No!
PS4 owners be like:
"My dad can beat up your dad!"

If that's the kind of gamers Sony fans want to be, then I say: go ahead and stay on the pre-school playground where you jerks belong.

BabyTownFrolics1533d ago

At n4g gaming is secondary. Most people come here to argue with each other and have thier limited world views reenforced.

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chrissx1534d ago

Ps4 won since it was announced. Undisputed

nX1534d ago

This is actually true, it didn't even need an overpaid "analyst" to predict it.

Jaqen_Hghar1534d ago

A man wasn't sure but after E3 2013 it was clear who was going to win. A man remembers the Amazon poll where PS4 was beating Xbone in anticipation about 22,000 to 1,000 after a couple days then Amazon had to shut it down to avoid pissing off MS too much lol

spicelicka1534d ago

lol well it doesn't mean shit when xbox owners are more than satisfied with their games.

Anyone who relies on sales to claim their purchased console is better is clearly insecure. A million people buying the console you bought doesn't help you in any way. Consoles are made to run GAMES, and right now Xbox One KILLING it, specially if you're a fan of the exclusives.

I went with XB1 and I initially thought I had made the wrong choice, but now I know I would be pissed off if I had gotten the PS4 . Forza horizon 2, sunset overdrive, Titanfall, and soon Halo MCC are keeping me so happy, it's so funny to see people here argue about sales when I'm spending most of my time playing my xbox.