Watch Us Unbox All 12 of Nintendo's Amiibo Figurines

IGN - As we inch closer to Smash Wii U’s launch on November 21, Nintendo gets closer to launching its toys-to-life figure line. Nintendo’s amiibo were unveiled at E3 2014. Players can register and train A.I.-driven amiibo figures to fight or unleash on their friends. Nintendo’s figures also unlock costumes in Mario Kart 8 and weapons in Hyrule Warriors. It will be a part of Nintendo's other upcoming 2015 games.

Nintendo sent us all 12 of its first wave of amiibo figures. We unboxed them for you and took a bunch of pictures. Please look forward to more amiibo coverage coming to IGN in the next few weeks

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masterfox1529d ago

for gaming purposes is so retarded but for collectibles I think those are great. Since I'm a fan of Samus probably gonna get one.

freshslicepizza1529d ago

I don't get it myself, why not just do it by way of dlc instead of scanning figurines?

CorndogBurglar1528d ago

At least this way you get a pretty cool figurine too. I dont even own a Wii, but i'm considering getting Samus and Link because they look awesome.

canek1529d ago

got to have them all for my action figuere collection!!