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Explosion writes:" Everything considered, Tales Of Hearts R is one of the best role playing games released on PlayStation Vita, thanks to an excellent gamplay experience, nice story and charming characters. The game does have some small flaws, like the bland locations, not too good dungeon design and the weird cropping of the animated cutscenes lifted straight from the DS release, but it’s easy to overlook them when a game is as fun as Tales Of Hearts R is. Highly recommended to all fans of the series and to all those looking for an action role playing game with a classic feel to play on the go."

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Snookies123061d ago

Awesome, definitely another game I plan to pick up for Vita at some point.

HighResHero3061d ago

Great. I will have to pick up another Vita.

ShadowWolf7123061d ago

Pre-ordered this last week. Can't wait to get it.

DivineAssault 3060d ago

nice! I hope i enjoy it without english dub.. Reading texts takes away from what im looking at during cutscenes

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