VGChartz: Global Weekly, 25th October 2014

Global numbers for October 25th

Global Hardware Numbers: NA - EU - JP - Weekly Total - WW Total

PS4 - 108,677 - 135,197 - 8,478 - 301,449 - 12,405,876
3DS - 48,606 - 62,560 - 98,318 - 223,460 - 45,728,570
XOne - 71,907 - 38,642 - 904 - 138,810 - 6,224,626
WiiU - 26,026 - 17,783 - 3,847 - 51,442 - 7,247,536
PS3 - 11,437 - 23,604 - 4,975 - 50,696 - 83,617,004
X360 - 21,097 - 11,149 - 89 - 37,776 - 83,391,639
PSV - 2,572 - 7,050 - 12,848 - 26,782 - 9,009,244
Wii - 4,109 - 4,617 - 69 - 9,860 - 100,835,944

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ArchangelMike3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Well, it's practically a year since each console launched, and it's fair to say that the sales trend is now being firmly established regarding both next gen consoles.

It's also the big Christmas holiday season, with soo many awesome games and not enough money to go round. It's show time for both consoles - Microsoft kicking it off with Halo:MCC and a temporary XboxOne price cut; Sony counter attacking with GTA V bundle, LB3 bundle, and the Playstation Experience Event.

Even with the Xbox One price Cut and with Halo:MCC, I'm not convinced that Microsoft will "win" the holiday season. They might break even with PS4 sales, but I doubt they will outsell Sony.

Well, whatever side of the 'war' you prefer to play your games, it's going to be one of the most fun holiday seasons for gamers.

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TheWatercooler3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

PS4 still kicking ass globally. Good to see. Sony still have some bundles to come this November. Far cry 4, LBP3 and GTAV. That should see them dominate this month and December

SmielmaN3252d ago

While I agree that Sony is definitely the most popular next gen console, I would always take VGChartz as independent estimations as they basically pull the numbers from their a$$. That being said, at least they update their numbers more regularly now when official numbers are released. Sony has recently trumpeted theirs so the numbers are getting inflated to that level on VGChartz. MS hasn't released any sold through to customer numbers in a very long time and there's a reason they release bundle after bundle and then retailers subsequently slashing the prices of said bundles because they aren't moing them off the shelves. MS sold through numbers are kind of shrouded in secrecy. Add to that Greenbergs comment about how the rest of the years sales don't matter and it's all about the holidays and it seems this time of year is the only time they will be pulling out numbers as the big 3 will all do well. Imo.

wodan3252d ago

MS only have chance in NA even if they won in it the world wide sales will most likely be 1-3,1-4 in favor of SONY.

Nekroo913252d ago

Only in NA but they said that China was going to save the xbox /s

opoikl3251d ago

I'm interested to see how the Chinese market will react to the launch of the PS4. My guess is it'll probably widen the gap even further.

wonderfulmonkeyman3252d ago

I wouldn't say the sales trends are set in stone quite yet.
There's still quite a few heavy hitting games that haven't released.

HeWhoWalks3252d ago

In EU and JP, Microsoft will continue to get utterly demolished. The only toss up is the US, which unlike last gen, won't be a complete shut-out to Sony, even IF they lose the market, eventually.

Thus, the market leader is set in stone. The only change to come is the X1 taking 2nd place from the WiiU, which one can conclude IS inevitable, at this point.

wonderfulmonkeyman3252d ago

Saying "utterly demolished" is going too far.
With the right games, its sales can rise into an acceptable range rather than a pitiful one, even if it still ends up third place overall.

Hence, "not set in stone".

It'll all come down to the games.

sovkhan3252d ago

As Hewho said

" In EU and JP, Microsoft will continue to get utterly demolished. The only toss up is the US, which unlike last gen, won't be a complete shut-out to Sony, even IF they lose the market, eventually."

So yes the outcome is set in stone if you add to it the fact that not only the ps4 is winning EU but it is winning by factor never seen last gen two exemples : in Spain 7/1 in favor of ps4 and in France 3/1, the last gen it was 5/1 and 2/1.

And the gap is getting even bigger...

Now winning the NA market alone/ the only one that can be won /, Ms won't win the war...math!!!

wonderfulmonkeyman3252d ago

I never said ANYTHING about Microsoft "winning the war".
You'd do well to re-read my post before responding, Sov.

sovkhan3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )


You said

"I wouldn't say the sales trends are set in stone quite yet. "

Which means that you expect changes in the trend.

I replied that it won't happen, giving the reason why!

wonderfulmonkeyman3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Yeah, I expect some change.
But not to the level you're claiming, Sov.
You made it out to sound like I expect Microsoft to suddenly dominate everything.

That's not the case.

I only expect them to rise up out of the quagmire that they've dunked themselves into with a stream of decent games, so that they end up profitable in the end regardless of what place they finish in these ridiculous little console wars.

You put words in my mouth after assuming too much.

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jjonez183252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Breaking even is out of the question. Look at PS4 EU numbers. PS4's EU alone is nearly outselling both the XB1 and Wii U's WW totals added together.

If we're only talking America (the only place MS offers the 50$ pricedrop and bundlings) then yes it will be close.

Knushwood Butt3252d ago

PS3 - 83,617,004
X360 - 83,391,639


as if

GordonKnight3251d ago

IMO all three consoles won.

PS4 has best version of 3rd party games

X1 has the best FPS in Halo MCC & Halo 5

Wii U has the best library of exclusives with the most quality.

The power of three CONSOLES!!!

The consumer with all three wins!

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ABizzel13252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

PS4: It's just clobbering everyone in EU. You can add the sales of all the other consoles together (+160k) and the PS4 would still be close. That's insane, and the reason why the PS4 has all but won this generation. There's no other console making this kind of headroom in EU, and the return of the PS2 is a real thing in EU at least.

3DS: Numbers for the 3DS are going to be high for the remainder of the year. Smash was released, the New 3DS was released in JP, the 2DS went on sale for $79 recently (Nov.), and Pokemon is on the way. The handheld is set for a great holiday.

XBO: The console has made a comeback, and is no longer in a 3 way competition with the Wii U and PS3, which is good news for MS and the XBO. It's doing ok in EU, but the US is it's true battleground, and I'm really looking forward to NPD for November to see if the $50 price drop and game bundles will finally help the XBO win NPD for the holidays.

Wii U: Sales got little bump thanks to Bayonetta 2 Western release, but sales are still on the lower end, and IMO Nintendo were the ones who needed the price drop this holiday as well (but more than likely they're waiting for Smash, then have a price drop early next year).

PS3: Keep on coasting along.

360: Keep on sailing along.

PSV: Once again I don't know if PSTV sales are included in this, but if they are it's a wrap for Vita in NA. EU gets PSTV later in November, and considering the PS4 is crushing things over there, there's a slight chance PSTV could have an impact there, but if not it's a wrap for Sony's dedicated handheld division for the foreseeable future, while they focus on Smart-phones and Tablets. The only saving grace left is a PS4 + PSTV bundle for the holidays with 6 games that show crossbuy / crossplay off well (Don't Starve, Escape Plan, Fez, Flower, Hotline Miami, Unfinished Swan) for $479.

Wii: ...

Bayonetta: It's good to see that Bayonetta did ok in NA, but it's unfortunate that the game as a whole isn't going to do well. All the great reviews, all the hype, and all the boasting of it being a Nintendo exclusive, yet once again Nintendo fans proved that they don't care about Mature games / 3rd party games. All they want are Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, etc..., and it's good to see that Nintendo and some 3rd parties have realized that and are now doing collaborative efforts to make unique spin-offs of Nintendo IP's as 3rd party exclusives rather than wasting their time and money with established 3rd party ports and exclusives.

Metallox3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

"Nintendo fans proved that they don't care about Mature games / 3rd party games." Not all Nintendo fans are adults, and neither all Nintendo fans talk here in the Internet to say "Iet's support this X game!" and neither all Nintendo fans like the style of Bayonetta, unfortunately this is the true. Would love to see the main demography of the console.

Now, let's try to put these sales on perspective. Bayonetta 2 debuted better than Pikmin 3 and Tropical Freeze both in North America and Europe on first week, according to VGC; these two game have already surpassed the 500K mark. The only issue of Bayonetta is called Japan.

What Bayonetta 2 needs is good legs here in the States and Europe, except in the UK where it has already vanished from the charts, just like TW101... The reviews may help to this cause, and also the popularity that the first game already had.

And even if it doesn't have good legs, it has its chances to sell 150K for the rest of the year, and I predict 100K in 2015, just like TW101 is doing. And I think I'm being a bit pessimistic. These numbers aren't exactly good, not even what would you expect from the sequel of Bayonetta,

so hopefully it can sell more.

theizzzeee3252d ago

If, you outsell the other games already released in one day I think that is pretty good! Bayonetta 2 will do great over the holidays. Do not be surprised if, it tops two million when it's all said and done.

LOL_WUT3252d ago

2 million and with Smash Bros just around the corner? I doubt it. It still needs to outsell the first one not to mention GTA will surely will have a huge impact ;)

KaladinStormblessed3252d ago

You're stereotyping nintendo fans. The Bayonetta franchise has always had a small but dedicated following, it's nothing new that is wasn't going to sell huge numbers.

ABizzel13252d ago

Bayonetta sold over 1 million copies on PS3 (even with the worse version), and almost 1 million on 360. How is that a small following? There was even an #OperationPlatinum to try and get the game to sell over 1 million units on Wii U.


So no it's not stereotyping Nintendo fans, when the results are in the sales of games, which prove that 3rd party Mature games are a loss cause on Nintendo over this and the last generation.

4 of the top 5 selling Wii U games are Mario (Super Luigi is practically Mario). Look at the 3DS and 3 of the top 5 selling games are Mario, and by the end of the year the other 2 will both be Pokemon.

Bayonetta 2 is another victim of 3rd party games struggling on Wii U, and even worse it's a Mature and gory 3rd party game, so it was pretty much doomed from the start.


As I said there was #OperationPlatinum, but I was also one of the only people on here even promoting Bayonetta for the Wii U beyond comment sections, while most of you were simply arguing in the comments against people who rightfully expected the game to do bad in sales. I even made a blog for all 3rd party Wii U games that people should look into buying, with links to the lowest prices for those games, many of which were $20 or less, yet only 9 people commented in those articles 3 of which were from me, even though I was posting that blog in almost all Nintendo 3rd party articles as well as in the Miiverse forums.


So yes I have the room to make such a call, especially when the results came out the same. And looking at the disagrees and how each reply was about the Bayonetta comment, it goes to show once again that many of you are all talk, instead of disagreeing and hiding, you should be out promoting Bayonetta 2, like I've been doing.

MasterCornholio3252d ago


I enjoyed Bayonetta like heck on my 360. The franchise is fantastic in my opinion. Which is why I'll never forgive Nintendo fans if Bayonetta 2 doesn't sell well on the Wii U. We need Nintendo fans to support these developers especially since these developers can't rely on PS4 or Xbox One fans to help them out. I can't justify buying a Wii U for this game but I will buy it when Zelda comes out and Bayonetta 2 along with it.

Please Nintendo fans you have a really special exclusive from Platinum games. I know it isnt Mario or Zelda but please support these developers since Bayonetta is a quality franchise and I want to see a Bayonetta 3 after the second one.

wonderfulmonkeyman3251d ago

Bizz, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but...

The reason those third party multiplats didn't sell on Wii U?

#1 No effort was made by anyone involved to push them in any big way during the advertisement phase.

#2 Most of them were multiplats that Wii U owners had all already played on their PS3's or 360's, and thus had their install bases firmly rooted, unmovably, on those consoles and not on Nintendo's consoles.

#3 Most of them were so lacking in content, or delayed so badly, or had versions on other consoles with so much more support from the developers, that the Wii U versions were basically trash from the get-go. Not even third-party-loyalists on other consoles would call these versions of their favorite games anything less than shovelware, when looking at them objectively, and thus none of them flocked to the Wii U for these multiplats, either.
If PS360 owners wouldn't buy those versions of the multiplats, then how is it fair to blame Wii U owners for not buying them?
Trick question; it's not.

#4 The above points all combined to make it difficult for gamers in general to believe in third party games when they come to the Wii U.
This, obviously, tricked down to harm Bay 2's sales chances, on top of all the bashing it got from "true fans" that hated its exclusivity and railed against it for so long.

So before you go saying it's all the fault of Nintendo fans that mature third party games haven't really sold, keep this in mind:
Third parties made it that way with their own lack-luster efforts.

Oh, and just so you're aware; Bay 2's first 2 days in the states have beaten out the sales speed of the original Bayonetta's first 5 state-side sales.
It's not at 1M yet, but it hasn't flopped.
I also supported and advertised/recommended it whenever I possibly could, before release, so outside of buying tons of copies of it for myself aside from my own personal copy, I've also done my part for the game.

ABizzel13251d ago


AS far as I know none of the top 10 on my list had any of those issues, besides being released on PS360 as well, and that just goes to show once again that for many adult gamers Nintendo is a secondary or third console choice, and not primary based off that reasoning.

Which again goes back to Nintendo gamers only buying Nintendo exclusives, because they have another console that had the franchise prior to the Wii U (PS360) or they have a console that can run the game better with next-gen graphics (PS4 / XBO).

So basically what we've proven is that Nintendo's audience is full of gamers who buy the console for first party exclusives, and a few multiplat gamers who buy the console for first and third party exclusive. The problem is that second group is significantly smaller than the first, and can't make up for their unwillingness to buy 3rd party games.

The Wii U has one of the best reviewed games for the year, and one of the best action hack n slash made, and it's going to end up in the same group as all the other 200k - 300k 3rd party games, which is sad, and IMO a failure of the community, a failure of Nintendo for not doing more.

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Concertoine3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I know youre not saying this to troll or anything, but Bayonetta 2 just got a debut on par with DK and Pikmin and a debut greatly surpassing the combined sales of BOTH the 360 and PS3 versions in NA/EU. The lack of interest from Japan is what will kill its lifetime sales. I really dont understand why they had no interest in the game.

And who are you to say this nebulous "we" aren't buying the game. This is a gaming site, most of the people on here are a part of the hardcore wii u crowd that buy every exclusive. I have 4 people added from n4g and all of them including myself have bought the game. So if anyone you should be lashing out at the Japanese for not buying the game, because "we" bought the game, and its selling better than the original in NA. The fact that you are ignoring the breakdown of sales by region and the basic logic of the people on this site while simultaneously being condescending and aggressive is really hurting your credibility, man :/

As someone who was pessimistic and surprised to even see 80k pre orders, nearly 200k is awesome. And that's before christmas sales. It could hit 1 million lifetime easily.

Munnkyman3252d ago

This also doesn't include digital sales thought and also it's vgchartz. Like they under tracked hyrule warriors sales

GribbleGrunger3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

People need to be aware that for some odd reason VGC decided to reduce the PS4 numbers by 200k this week It WAS 12.3m last week, they sold 300k this week, but it's only gone up to 12.4m. Now add that to the fact they still haven't fully adjusted for Sony's official announcement of 10 million sold, to the sum of 200k - 250k undertracked, and we have the REAL number of around 12.8m - 12.9m PS4s sold. With Black Friday looming, I'm expecting Sony to announce 15m PS4s sold at the December Playstation event.

It's going to be interesting to see, now this has been posted on N4Gs, whether they adjust the figures on VGC. It's just something I've been keeping my eye on for a while.

wodan3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

just look at the total install base of the PS3 and the X360 and you will get the picture,the PS3 passed the X360 long time ago and was outselling it weekly but some how the difference between the two is 200k+.