CoD Advanced Warfare (PS4 & Xbox One) at $30 Before Black Friday

Techtorial: A US-based retailer will drop the price of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to $30 even before Black Friday begins.

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dericb111532d ago

They say to print out the ad in the article but I have never heard a store taking a printed copy of a sales ad. Buying the game from BrandsMart may be the best show.

LOL_WUT1532d ago

Print the ad to do a price match at bestbuy sounds like a pretty good deal ;)

mikeslemonade1532d ago

Good luck online because by then you will be killed online. It's already freaking competitive as it is right now.

BoriboyShoGUN1532d ago

yeah ok! COD is one of the easiest games to dominate!

Testfire1532d ago

Really?!? The only advantage will be a knowledge of the map. That goes away pretty fast.

OmegaShen1531d ago


Yeah, if this was like all other COD games. You go in thinking that, you're going to die alot.

With booster to dodge left and right. Super jump, slam and random weapon stats from suppy drops. This isn't like any other COD, more like Unreal Tournament.

blakstarz1532d ago

I went to the site and don't anywhere on that site where the video games are, just systems.

annoyedgamer1532d ago

We will need a physical copy of the print ad, or a valid link from the stores website because Best Buy isn't going to let us just waltz in and claim a title is half off and price match it.

supersonicjerry1532d ago

you can go in with a picture of the ad on your phone and it should work i done it like that a few times

1532d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.