A Golden Wake Review | Geekenstein

"I’d say that A Golden Wake would be a fine game to look at in a classroom setting, particularly in the Sunshine State. It’s atmosphere and dialogue all feel authentic and evoke a mood that offers a contrast to just about any game out there. It is a shame that the characters and the world couldn’t live up to that atmosphere. They are a cast better suited for an edutainment title than an adventure game, and the title suffers from a lack of real personality. It is often sterile and strives for authenticity over enjoyability, which can be a noble pursuit, but its not one I wholeheartedly agree with. Still, if you are a history buff or a 30 something rocking Windows 95 who yearns for serious adventure games, A Golden Wake will certainly fit the bill. For most others, it will be a decent way to fill the void between episodes of Telltale fare and keep you clicking for a least a day or two." - Alex Santa Maria of Geekenstein

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