Overwatch May Come To Consoles In The Future; It Has Some Titan Elements

Blizzard confirmed that Overwatch has some elements of Titan. The game will be on PC at first, but it may arrive to consoles in the future.

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Aurenar1531d ago

I did not feel the need for a new PvP shooter.

micx1531d ago

But it's Blizzard's PvP shooter. :)

Letros1531d ago

True, there are millions of people that only play Blizzard games.

levian1531d ago

I feel the need for a *different* PvP shooter. I used to enjoy CoD years ago but haven't enjoyed a good shooter in ages. This one looks really fun.

Imp0ssibl31531d ago

This looks amazing, I love Blizzard's character design. I'm sure it'll get on consoles

aconnellan1531d ago

IF it ends up coming to consoles (I hope it does, will probably end up getting regardless), then it'll be great to see how they go about developing for a console market, considering their history as a PC developer.

donthate1531d ago

Blizzard has made several consoles games in the past, including the never released Starcraft:Ghost (I'm very sad about that), and the latest Diablo 3.

Imp0ssibl31531d ago

I'm quite sad about that too, maybe after Legacy of the Void they'll consider it again.

Fireseed1531d ago

Don't forget Starcraft on the N64!

donthate1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


I was going to mention it, but I think it was a port by another studio than Blizzard themselves....

Festano1531d ago

Seems like a great title, I can not wait to try the beta.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1531d ago

Did anyone notice that there's a Tenno in the trailer?

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