How Can Nintendo Sell More Consoles?

"The fact that Nintendo has been seriously struggling with their current generation console is definitely not news to the gaming community. The Wii U has had underwhelming sales since launch and sadly, Nintendo has failed to make a meaningful impact this generation despite the release of some incredibly fun and outstanding titles. To put this into perspective, Nintendo has sold a little over 7.1 million Wii Us since its launch two years ago. In less than a year, the PlayStation 4 has sold over 10 million units. So why can’t Nintendo hold up? What is keeping this wonderful and dear company back from ultimate success and world domination with cute puppies and Italian plumbers?"

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benji1011530d ago

They can't until people remove their bias.
Having great games is not enough. Even if the wii U was twice the power of the PS4 "Hardcore gamers" would stilll buy Cod and Fifa for Xbox and PS over buying a Nintendo with great games.

miyamoto1530d ago


End their Ebenezer Scrooge approach to platform design like selling cheap hardware and marking them up like high end devices in the case of 3DS and Wii U. This is the Infornation Age where the Informed Gamer make well educated purchasing decisions.

Know and respect the difference between the hardcore hobby gamer and the casual gamers.

The home console market is majority driven by of the Teen up to the Mature hardcore gamer while portable mobile gaming market is majority driven by the ultracasual, casual, kiddie, young to teen gamers.

Nintendo made the mistake of having a big home version of the DS filled with kiddie games instead of targetting core home console gamer market who buy huge size HD TVs for the purpose of enjoying highly detailed game graphics like the PS4.

Sony made the mistake of making a handheld for hardcore gamers that enjoy their console quality games on the big screen instead of making the PS Vita a handheld targeted at kis and casual gamers like the DS or smartphones and tablets.

I i hope ninty and sony learn their lessons now.

wonderfulmonkeyman1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

"filled with kiddie games"
I'm sorry, but you need to get that idea out of your head.
Nintendo have been specializing in games marketed towards core gamers, who spend hours upon hours playing, as a majority this gen thus far.
The most casual thing they've done is make Amiibo, and even that has uses for core gamers by acting as an unlocking tool for new content across multiple games, a train-able and personalized NPC, and likely many more things to come.

Casual is a much smaller focus to them this time around, hence the drought in first-party titles being filled by indies and third parties.

The reason Nintendo's games haven't sold is mostly due to a bias against Nintendo in general.

Just look around the internet and you'll run across tons of stories of people who have played Nintendo's games and, contrary to their former beliefs, have found them to be games that a serious core gamer can enjoy despite their graphics or the power of the system.

The kind of people who you are talking about, who hopped on the PS4 after the graphics convinced them to buy, are graphics whores.
Not core gamers who give games a fair chance based on their own merits and not their graphics.

wonderfulmonkeyman1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

How can they sell more consoles?

#1 Add a pro controller into every bundle, ALONGSIDE the game pad, WITHOUT raising the price to compensate, going forward.

#2 Make more bundles with at least two games in them, and focus on bundles that include specific third party games into the bargain.


#4 Focus on creating opportunities for third parties to jump in with new collaborative exclusive ideas, to replace the multiplats they obviously don't want to bother bringing to the system.

#5 I know this one is going to be met with disagrees, so just take this one as a personal want from me; take advantage of their new open stance towards mergers&acquisitions, to give Megaman and Monster Hunter a permanent home at Nintendo, if not the entirety of Capcom themselves.

#6 Work out some sort of contract clause for their next home console that will prevent third parties from not including all the same content and modes in the Nintendo console versions of their multiplats, then PUBLICIZE that long before the platform releases.
If Nintendo's gamers have some sort of guarantee that third parties won't be removing content from their multiplats arbitrarily, they may be more inclined to purchase them.

#7 In the same vein, Nintendo should use money out of their own pocket to fund content in multiplats that will be unique to Nintendo's versions, to draw interest in them.
It's going to take AT LEAST that much to get people who care more about power and graphics to take a look at multiplats on Nintendo's systems.
Offer content that can't be gotten on any other version, and people will be tempted to nab it instead, if it's good enough, if not double-dip for the sake of having more friends on multiple consoles to play the games with.

#8 Speed up the rate at which information on games is delivered.
If you're working on a new Metroid or F-Zero or any other surprise franchises, LET US KNOW SOONER RATHER THAN LATER.
Keeping people in the dark for too long is just as big a mistake as releasing too much info at once, Nintendo.

#9 End region locking and encourage more state-side ports of games like Tales of the World.

#10 Do more games in the more popular genres that have your own unique twists to them, and create Nintendo-brand equivalents to popular franchises that will be interesting to core gamers instead of casuals.

And finally, #11.
Never, EVER, listen to people like Micheal Pachter or asinine youtube personalities like Black B0nd.
The End.

shaw981530d ago

Umm,it is not that hard. Just release more games people like. If they want that game so badly they will get a wii u.

tinkypop1530d ago

ADVERTISEMENTS would be the best way.
Look at sony ps4 sponsoring the champions league.
Vita on cartoon network.
Load of Xbox1 ads everywhere.
Few mario kart ads and loads of 3ds on rubbish channels.
Nothing prime time.
Need start getting the message out Nintendo.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1530d ago

"Vita on cartoon network. "
-_- im sorry that made me chuckle

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