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Tin Salamunic: I wouldn’t last a hundred feet on a real MotoGP motorcycle. Their demonic speed and maneuverability requires stupendous skill and concentration. I’m ok with my four wheels. But that’s the great thing about video games, they provide experiences otherwise unattainable in real life. After a week of playing MotoGP 14, I feel like a seasoned racer. I now know how to properly lean into corners, how to handle wet tracks at high speeds and that MotoGP bikes are ticking time bombs. Unlike Superbikes, which are production based motorcycles, MotoGP are the Formula 1 of motorcycle racing. They’re faster and require laborious practice to master. It’s a good thing MotoGP 14 comes with a rewind button.

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urwifeminder1534d ago

Nice have not played a Moto gp game since Capcom destroyed it in 08 , but played this demo and liked it still not a whisker on THQ though. Seen Marc Marquez posting pics of him playing driveclub on FB suggested he try Forza lol.