Top 10 Worst Games of 2014

GamingStairs: There are many video games out in 2014, some are unique and most of them are worst. Here are the top 10 worst games of 2014.

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Stupid1537d ago

Well, i have played Call of Duty Advanced Warfare campaign. I finished and realize that story is just good but the graphic engine is totally same as Ghost. Exo-suit from Crysis and Titanfall. The whole list is quite true.

dcj05241536d ago

Crysis is a full on suit that enhances stength and vision and cloaks. The exosuit enhances strength but has a booster that lets you boost dodge in any direction and double jump, you can't wall run either.

Massive gameplay difference. Crysis Wars is much different than call of duty and call of duty's movement is fundamentally different than titanfall's move set

venom061536d ago

This is sooo true! People are slowly to realize how crappy AW Is between the crappy connections, no recoil guns, tiny a&$ maps, super low time to kill..

otherZinc1536d ago

Worst list ever:
Where's Drive Club?

XanderZane1536d ago

Whoever wrote the article got some of the games right like WWE 2K15, Rambo, Yaiba, NHL 15 and the Sims 4.Those are all right on the money. Not sure how he missed Driveclub. That should have been in the top 5. He got several wrong though. NBA 2K15 is far from being the worst game. Maybe is sucks on the PC, but it plays just fine on consoles. I'll eventually get it for my XB1 next year. CoD: AW is far from being the worst CoD game. It has it's issues like most CoD games, but there still fun to be had. FIFA 15 is a good soccer game. Watch Dogs isn't great, but far from being the worst game in 2014. Another game he could have added besides DriveClub is Thief. So the list is a bit flawed. He got a few of them right, but a bunch of them wrong as well. His reasonings aren't very sound.

sourav931535d ago

Okay, I've finished the AW campaign and have put in quite a few hours into the MP, and if you think it has the same graphics as Ghosts, I'm sorry to need to get to your opticians ASAP. Your eyes aren't functioning correctly.

This is the first CoD I've picked up since MW3, as all the other ones were very similar graphically and gameplay wise. AW steps it up in both departments in my opinion.

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KnightRiders1537d ago

Watch Dogs and The Sims 4 both are Disappointed games of the year if there is a disappointment category awards exist they both are the main nominates

GamingCurse1536d ago

I haven't Played Call of Duty Advanced Warfare yet and the author put it into the worst list.
Now i am confused i should buy or not?

pasta_spice1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Advanced Warfare is nowhere near the worst game of 2014.

Genuine-User1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Advanced Warfare is among my favourites this year.

Unreal011536d ago

Silly putting Advanced Warfare in that list. I'd say it's near the top of the best games of 2014, don't listen to this guy if you're thinking of buying it. Some people hate Call Of Duty for the hell of it.

1536d ago
morganfell1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

It became passe to bash Call of Duty games and with very good reason. However, this time around Activision managed to change the formula and up the ante to make it the best in the series since COD4. The author apparently went into autohammer on this one and in doing so is completely off the mark. There are still problems with the title and some inexcusable issues that are the direct result of corner cutting but the game is hardly deserving of this list.

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Daredavil1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I am surprised to see two Big Games in this list. Advanced warfare just release and the author judged it worst. its crazy

DoctorJones1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I don't know how he can put COD up there as the worst game this year, I'm no fan but I doubt very much that it is the worst game released this year. It's probably better than Killzone Shadowfall.

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