Elite: Dangerous Release Date Celebrated With New Montage

VRFocus - As fans of upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible space simulation title Elite: Dangerous will have no doubt heard by now, the title has this week received its anticipated release date. Elite: Dangerous will be launching on 16th December 2014 with full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). To celebrate the date Frontier Developments, the team behind the videogame, has released a brand new action-packed montage for the experience on Vine. The clip can now be seen below.

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SaveFerris1536d ago

I hope this game does well. It looks great and having Oculus Rift support can only enhance the experience. This and Star Citizen both look to be fantastic games.

Muadiib1535d ago

I hope so too, I've been in the alpha/beta for a several months now, I'm worried the game will be niche only though. There's just not much game there atm, hopefully they will flesh it out a lot over the next year or so. It really shows that they have a fraction of the budget of Star Citizen tbh. What it needs is a full story campaign, I know they have plans going forward so I have some hope.

Phoenix761535d ago

Backed this on kick starter ages ago, can't wait to get my code sent over to play it :-D

skyrimer1535d ago

This game + HOTAS + Oculus Rift is the best thing I've played in years