Next Week’s Releases: Diddy DCs, Shiny Spartans and Aidez-moi Assassins!

Dealspwn writes: Apparently, one week is enough to get away from the blast radius of the Call of Duty death train. So much so, Ubisoft are launching two new Assassin’s games. Why play new games though when you can take Master Chief through some old favourites in 1080p with super slick 60fps visuals? Or maybe get your hipster on and try out the underdog rival footy series? Or there’s always a new Lego title for the little ones (you, it’s always you that wants to play them, little Jimmy is tired of your hoarding all the blue coins). Or, seeing as the season to renew a life crippling addiction is fast approaching, why not pick up the latest WoW expansion. We’ve got the full rundown for you below, including links to the cheapest prices and our past coverage at Dealspwn.

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Kribwalker1536d ago

Halo MCC preloading right now

Hopefully the wife will get me AC:Unity for Christmas, with far cry 4 aswell. Gonna go do some game testing at EA to get Dragon Age in a couple weeks

Jaqen_Hghar1536d ago

LBP3 with 9 million levels and counting baby! Can't get more content rich than that!

Jaqen_Hghar1536d ago

They have filters to avoid the trash. Search top rated levels for the week every 7 days and you'll always find quality ones, especially around the holidays. That's unlimited value that no other game has been able to match. LBP3 is giving you everything from the previous 2 remastered for PS4 with better tools, more dimensions, and of course a new single player slate of levels.