What GTA V Could Look Like at 4K

Take a look at how GTA V might look with PC mods and texture packs after it is released on January 27 next eyar.

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mushroomwig1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Pretty incredible, but the only thing is now the trees and NPCs stick out like a sore thumb, more so in this image;

decrypt1530d ago

Looks like Rockstar needs to hire some of the modders.. Oh wait lesser platforms wont be able to handle it. These sort of graphics wont be mainstream for another decade until next gen consoles lol.

NovusTerminus1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

These are not mainstream on PC, and these modders have been touching this up for 6 years now.

decrypt1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

"These are not mainstream on PC"

Not true, everyone has a PC these days. All you need is a GPU. A GTX 970 costing 350usd can easily pull these graphics.

Hell people could use CPU setups back from 2008 - 2010 and still run todays games fine, they would only need to overclock.

sizeofyou1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

And a monitor capable of 4K. And a cooling system to reliably overclock. And enough RAM to handle the game itself.
I game on PC and console...just enjoy the gaming. It's not a competition to play in the highest resolution with the highest frame rate.

Sad why all forums these days are full of people telling other people to spend their money on a better setup - and NOT about the games themselves.

Mr Tretton1530d ago

"Not true, everyone has a PC these days."

Uh, you sure about that? And 'all' they would need is a gpu? What are you smoking?

abstractel1529d ago

The 970 _just_ came out and you expect it to be mainstream already? Seriously...

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GribbleGrunger1530d ago

Hands up who's looking at these in 4k
Hands up who thinks they look incredible
Hands up anyone that can put those two together and come up with an interesting conclusion.

Dynasty20211530d ago

Now you know what it's like going from PC to failsoles.

PS4 and Xbox One will never do 4K gaming, as you need roughly a GTX Titan, basically a £700 graphics card, JUST TO DO 30 FPS @ native properly.

NO WAY IN HELL will the new consoles get 4K.

The consoles can barely do 30 FPS @1080p let alone 4K for god sake.

So stop laughing at graphical standouts and obvious texture fails on a PC version/mod, when you've had worse since 2004.

sizeofyou1529d ago

This gen consoles weren't intended to do mainstream 4K gaming. They're to suit the vast majority who want to game on their living room TV. Most (and NOT all, obviously) are happy to enjoy games in that way. Others dabble; hence the time, expense and effort spent by others providing you with your mods. Each to their own. Frankly - your PC is rubbish compared to others and I guarantee that it's 'beatable' in every way with larger budget, so let's not berate what people have - game on what you have. And by all means, enjoy a superior product. Not saying people should leave their Ferrari in the garage, but sensibly share the road with the Fords on the road...

pompombrum1530d ago

Well the troll above you fell for it lol

Coach_McGuirk1530d ago

the level of detail of this game at 4k must be incredible

Ps4andxb11530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

4k is great and all, but 1080p basically hits the point in graphics where it is more than good enough.

Anything over 1080p is just bonus and not major leaps forward like say 480p to 1080p has been.

Better graphics and animation is much more desirable than higher resolutions now 1080p is mainstream.

pompombrum1530d ago

A lot of people probably said the same thing about 720p at the start of last gen.

jlo1530d ago

You obviously have never played in 4K. It looks absolutely breathtaking and clear difference from 1080p and even 1440p.

Judging by your username if the PS4 and XB1 were capable of 4K then I'd bet you say it was worthwhile.

decrypt1530d ago

Wait for a gen(about a decade), they just got a glimpse of 1080p which is why they are chanting 1080p is good enough lol. Funny though the new consoles still cant handle 1080p well and its just the start of the gen with games still being designed with last gen in mind.

I predict when true next gen games appear the new consoles will be back to 720p 30 fps. Again there will be promises of 1080p for next gen lol. Surprises me how console gamers can put up with such promises since over a decade and still not able to deliver.

Ps4andxb11530d ago

The most i have played is 1080p at true 120fps.

I can see a clear difference between 60fps and 120fps.

I'm sure 4k is better than 1080p.

Just not enough for me to care.

Past 1080p, diminishing returns kicks in big time.

I game on 32inch tv.

1080p is more than sufficient for me :)

filchron1529d ago

idk man. id rather game in glasses free 3D at 1080p rez per eye. i would be happy if the next nintendo console could handle that with some kickass graphics and presentation that isnt super kiddy. it wouldnt need 4K for me. once graphics evolve a huge leap and look truly photoreal then 4K and 8K monitors are gonna be more worthwhile investments but by then i think holography and lightfield based 3D displays will dominate the gaming world. your children will most likely argue about hogels, not pixels.

tee_bag2421530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

How about better graphics, animation, frame rate and 4k ? Win win win win

traumadisaster1530d ago

Wrong. Due to mush gfx I was basically grown up and done with games in 2009, and gave up on games when new consoles where not coming.

But built a cpu and started playin in 1080p60fps on multiplats and it was enough to keep me in awe.

In 2013 went 4k and I'm addicted as ever to games due to the unbelievable gfx.

lemoncake1530d ago

If i hadn't seen 4k gaming I would have agreed as it seems weird that something could be so much better than 1080p, but i got to tell you after seeing it the difference is big almost like SD>HD better. I dont see 4k to 8k being such a big jump but then again I haven't seen that in action.

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