The Black Glove Fails Kickstarter, Developer to 'fight like hell' to Stop Cancellation

VRFocus - After a month-long effort the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for virtual reality (VR) compatible adventure title The Black Glove has sadly ended in failure. Indie developer Day For Night Games failed to hit its $550,000 USD goal for the videogame, instead raising $216,517 with the help of 5,961 backer. The campaign failed despite the inclusion of a PlayStation 4 version of The Black Glove and support for the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus VR head-mounted displays (HMD) being announced towards the end.

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Thatguy-3101534d ago

It's going to get picked up watch. It got the exposure that it wanted. Wouldn't be surprised if Sony helps funding it to get finished.

I_am_Batman1534d ago

Would be awesome if Sony would help them out. So many talented people have been working on The black glove it would be a shame if they had to make too many compromises or even cancel the game. This would be awesome with Project Morpheus.

joab7771534d ago

I think alot of Devs are doing this b4 ever even attempting to get it published. This way if it takes off, they get all the money...which is fine.

I didn't even see this before but I probably would have kicked in. Love everyone who made Bioshock possible.

mixelon1534d ago

This definitely needs to be finished, it looks crazy.

Relientk771534d ago

How did this not reach the Kickstarter goal. This game looks awesome

joab7771534d ago

B/c Star Citizen is all that matters lol! 60 million. My guess is that in 2 yrs we will be playing the alpha for attached card game module that everyone gets for breaking $100 million. Then in 2020, when they break $250 million, they will finally release it, but everyone will be over it.

Cy1534d ago

Yep, Kickstarter for games seems to be dying off. I've seen a lot of quality games not even come close to getting funded.

Kevlar0091534d ago

These kickstarters are tough because since you limit your platforms only those platforms have interest funding it. And of course they can't expect to try to add my console, WiiU, onto it because coding a game for maybe a few dozen supporters isn't feasible. I don't know how other video games fare on Kickstarter, but this one had pretty lofty goals.

Of course this isn't the end to Black Glove, because the kickstarter was made so they could self publish, now they need to find a publisher who can front 500k.

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