Review: Tetrobot & Co - NLife

"Many puzzle games – particularly on mobile devices – can be argued as being insultingly easy or too mind-numbingly obtuse to even be comprehended by human minds. Luckily *Tetrobot & Co. doesn’t fit into either of these categories.

The story of this game revolves around an intelligent young lady who spends her time fixing the many broken miniature robots that her ‘clients’ send her, though there are twists as the plot progresses. You start off with your own robot, Tetrobot, who is suffering from some severe malfunctions, but due to the awkwardly tiny size of your friend you have to send in a new machine directly into it in order to cure what ails it. This is where the gameplay kicks in, as you control this microscopic robot known as Psychobot in your attempts to repair the malfunctioning robots that are presented to you."

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