Review: Skylanders Trap Team - NLife

"As the original ’toys-to-life’ video game concept — inspiring both Disney’s Infinity and Nintendo’s upcoming amiibo line — Skylanders has an impressive legacy to live up to. The series’ first release, Spyro’s Adventure, took the world and characters from the classic Spyro the Dragon games and crafted an enjoyable action-platformer with a unique hook: players would pick an in-game character by physically placing a real-world figure on the 'Portal of Power'. Each annual iteration since has added new toys, new characters and a new headlining feature to this template, with this year’s model — Skylanders Trap Team — offering players the chance to trap and play as the game’s villains. While its shameless pricing structure won’t appeal to everyone, Trap Team is still a wonderful game well worth playing — especially for younger players and teams of two."

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