New PS4 TV Spot Encourages Getting Help

Sony has released the latest TV spot for the PS4. This time the advert does not focus on a certain Exclusive like Killzone or Infamous and instead encourages players to use the PS4’s social features to get help from friends when in trouble:

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ArchangelMike1530d ago

I loved that Ad, made me chuckle. The thing is, whenever I'm playing 'whatever game', my mates are playing 'the other game', and rarely do we actually join the other player. Unless we are both playing the same game - Destiny, BF4 etc... even then we rarely join up. I'm really interested to see how share play changes that experience though.

DigitalRaptor1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Oh wow. That was funny. Some good messaging going on there. I hope SharePlay makes waves as it's a really cool and innovative new feature, that most games can benefit from.

Jaqen_Hghar1529d ago

Great way to advertise this completely next gen feature that is unrivaled by their competition. If Sony can get the word out on this it'll be a system seller. Imagine all the people that will be able to play co-op and vs. in sports games they don't own with this. Also hilarious ending lol "who else do we know?"

Bytor1529d ago

They should use that same commercial in the US because it will sell systems not like that lame as Microsoft commercial with that dude that thinks he's the shit, that makes you want pummel the shit out of him.

Pogmathoin1529d ago

To be honest, hes as decent the 'shit' you'll ever get in that industry, does more for charity and 'regular' people than most ever will... You wish ypu were him, and not just some sad dreamer...pretender.... Google him and you will know what kind of guy he is...

opoikl1529d ago


Can you give me a link to that commercial ? I live in Europe and we don't get to see any Microsoft adds over here.

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The story is too old to be commented.