Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes - "The yearly update to the Call Of Duty franchise finally arrived last week, a franchise that has been getting yearly releases since 2007. Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare definitely had more competition to see off this year with the release of Titanfall and Destiny into the mix. I am one of those guys that does not spend every waking hour in online lobbies waiting for the next match to start, in fact I am quite happy with a game if it has a decent enough campaign with the multiplayer coming in a close second. Over the years the Call Of Duty franchise has delivered some flimsy campaigns along with some memorable ones for me, so my first port of call every year is the campaign. This will probably not sit well with the guys who simply buy the game for online play, and sit for days in their darkened bedrooms trying to be the first one to get prestige, while screaming profanities in their adolescent voices at anyone who dares to shoot at them. I could go on with the many things that put me off delving into the multiplayer first, but will refrain and get down to the story."

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