Halo: The Master Chief Collection singleplayer Review | Continue Play

Has Master Chief’s legend stood the test of time, or does it feel a bit Spartan? Maddy Richards goes hands-on with 343 Industries’ collection.

[Editor's Note: This review is based solely on the single-player aspect of The Master Chief Collection, due to the inability to test the multiplayer under live conditions. We will be evaluating the multiplayer part of the collection separately, once the game is available to the general public. As such, this review doesn't carry a score at the end; that will come once we've had time to fully assess the entire package.]

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Halo2ODST21538d ago

Hopefully halo 4 didn't tramuatise the reviewer too much

ContinuePlay1538d ago

Maddy actually has a high opinion of Halo 4 :)

jagermaster6191537d ago

9/10 huh a good collection like this deserves a 10