EverQuest II celebrates 10 years

Sony Online Entertainment is celebrating the 10th anniversary of MMORPG EverQuest II's launch.

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knifefight1536d ago

Man, I remember playing at the beginning, when the in-game pizza ordering was all the rage, haha. Fun times. I haven't been on in years though. Good memories.

ramiuk11536d ago

played it for about 3 years and it was the best gaming years ever imo.
so much fun and friends from all over theworld.
flying round on my carpet(desert of flames),going on raids.
loved going into the temples(KOS) with my guild and grinding round clearing each area,

Xristo1535d ago

This game was great. From the Betrayal quest lines to crafting mini game and so on to the housing, EQII had SO much to offer! One major problem, the system requirements were HUGE for this game... for the time. WoW sucked in so many people from their, "Even a toaster can play our game" approach. EQII was doomed from the start. :( I had some awesome years with it though!