Opinion: The Majora’s Mask Remake is Better on 3DS than Wii U

Zelda Informer: "or the past few years—ever since the conception of the idea of a Majora’s Mask remake—most of the Zelda fanbase has been debating nonstop over one crucial aspect: should the remake be on the 3DS or the Wii U?

Even after the game was announced, after everything had been settled, thousands of people keep complaining about this; so many people are still mad that the game isn’t on the Wii U, and they fail to understand why this idea that they have is so impossible."

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higgins781533d ago

Its a great choice for it to be 'remade' on the 3DS as opposed to the Wii U. I own both a 3DSXL and a Wii U but for me the argument is console sales - it (Majoras Mask) will reach a far greater audience on the 3DS, and that is good. Also Ocarina was a great success remade for the 3DS, hopefully this will simply follow on from that good work. Besides, if you want Majoras Mask for the Wii U simply switch to Wii Mode and download it, bug free and smooth running.

Tiqila1533d ago

How is that supposed to work?

pcz1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

the real reason why its on the 3ds is because the wiiu is a flop. they will only profit from the game being on the 3ds. putting it on wiiu would be like throwing money down a drain.

but yeh, obviously it would have been better on wiiu. they could have made the wiiu the ultimate console for zelda fans with wind waker hd, majoras mask hd, hyrule warriors and zelda wiiu, but due to appalling sales they have no choice but to put it on 3ds.

the plus side is it gives the 3ds another killer ap. i dont own a 3ds but i am buying this game

higgins781533d ago

Yeah, the Wii U is a 'flop', right? You know the Dreamcast was a flop in terms of sales, didn't stop it being one of the best remembered in gamers minds - number bods being dinosaurs. Also, I don't agree Majoras Mask would be better on the Wii U, both prices of hardware will bring their strengths to said game.

OmegaShen1533d ago

So 3DS is more powerful then Wii U? Because if not, then I don't see why the keep hurting the Wii U with lack of Zelda games.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1533d ago

Majora's MAsk as always gonna be on 3DS I never understood why ppl even thought it would be on WiiU.