Bungie Weekly Update - 11/07/2014

This week at Bungie, we “prepped some packages for deployment.”
What we’re up to might rattle a window or two, but our aim is to build rather than destroy. These packages are updates to Destiny. “Deployment” is how smart people like to dramatize the delivery of content to the Internet. Like a bomb. Or more like a care package, in this case.
At Bungie, there is a team. There are many teams like it, but this one is committed to giving you new reasons to play Destiny. They live at the end of the feedback loop. You tell us what you want your game to do. After some intent listening, they debate what they want to tackle first. Those decisions are also tempered by their own experiences in the game (one of them asked me to apologize for his exotic hand cannon killing spree in the Crucible last night). Their mission is to keep the Destiny experience fresh with new experiences.

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UltraAtomic1532d ago

Yea make destiny better plz lol