PS4 vs. Xbox One: Holiday Marketing War

The holidays are here and Sony and Microsoft are going to go head-to-head: The question is, can Sony keep up in the advertising and promotion world?

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XVRocklee1532d ago

I think we all know which console will dominate.

DualWielding1531d ago

actually we don't know..... the PS4 has the momentum but the Xbone has the better holiday lineup and the price but..... its a coin toss

MasterCornholio1531d ago

"better holiday lineup"

That's subjective though but your right about the price. However there's a big gap between the two and both will increase their sales massively this holiday season so in the end I'm expecting the PS4 to sell more.

P.S I'm reffering to world wide sales not just the USA.

Jaqen_Hghar1531d ago

MAYBE in the US Xbox will sell more but it didn't get a price cut in Europe and obviously most don't share your opinion about the games being better on it. A man could see Xbox outselling PS4 slightly in November but that's about it, and it won't be enough to erase the 1.2m lead PS4 has built up in the states which is the market Xbox should be dominating if they hope to build their brand. They've all but given up in Europe as Sony is outselling them about 5:1 on a weekly basis and we all know how Japan will go. World Wide there is absolutely zero chance Xbox outsells PS4 at any point this holiday.

Yaay4me1531d ago

"Better holiday line up" why cuz the ad told you so?
MS has MCC, nothing else that is different. They have a remaster of a great game whose buyers probably already played it to death and already have xbones. Really there isnt much of a difference before the holidays as both companies allow 3rd parties to make money on their console w/out first party competition. Fact is Sony has more games, and more games in development. This trend will probably continue as well as it always has in past generations, with the best of playstation coming the further we go into each generation.

XVRocklee1531d ago

Its funny because i never said which console ._.

rainslacker1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I agree it could go either way, but nothing MS has done since release has really managed to cause the X1 to outsell the PS4...not even close really.

I want to believe that X1's exclusives this holiday will really propel the system sales to be more competitive, but I've been hearing "XXX will turn things around for MS" since after the first holiday season. Sony has done what they've done despite the constant cry that the PS4 has no games, and that the X1 has better/more exclusives/games.

If the last year or so is any indication, all we can expect is that the holiday will show a decent boost to X1 sales, like we saw the weeks a big release came for the X1, but what happens after that is a bigger concern for MS. One excellent holiday does not negate the sales gap if they can't manage to keep sales up after the holiday season...and after the holiday, there isn't a whole lot known to be coming for the X1, whereas Sony is going to have some pretty big exclusive releases in the first few months alone.

It's likely Sony's sales will increase this holiday as well, so MS has even more to sell just to match them, and matching should be a concern before surpassing.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1531d ago

Well PlayStation Experience is just around the corner, coming December 6th and 7th. I'll reserve judgement about the holiday lineups until then.

Jaqen_Hghar1531d ago

They aren't going to announce a game in December and have it release the same day. That would be a terrible idea. The awareness would be zero and it would be releasing in the storm of people still buying all the November games and AFTER Black Friday which most games avoid. Have some common sense. A man would expect games slated for 2015 at Playstation experience if he were you.

Spid3r61531d ago

Holiday line up is done...there is nothing for Sony except getting all their studios together to form Hype. They knew they had nothing to offer this holiday season so they created more smoke and mirrors.

Yaay4me1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Yeah im super stocked about the playstation experience. Im curious what suprises there is going to be. MS isnt doing a conference are they? If so, this would be the second time Sony comes out with a conference and MS doesnt. I guess they might not have too many exclusives in the pipeline.

Actually Sony has announced a ton of games whose release date is up inthe air (for ex. My personal most anticipated game: HellDivers) it is quite possible that the playstation experience has suprises for the holiday. Besides some people act like there arent more games during the holiday than you can play anyway. Also, what does MS have that seperates it from Sony's lineup exactely? They have MCC, that is IT. Nothing else. Dont let ad campaigns fool you. All these subjective, vaguely worded articles are for the easily deceived.

u4one1531d ago

You mean you'll just wait til the 6th to reiterate that you think ps4has the better lineup. Based on that pm you sent me, there's no way you would even think about Xbox positively and would list a page full of sales stats to confirm that ps3... Errr ps4... No ps3 games on ps4 games sell more...... Errr I mean are better... As long as the servers are working. Do you have server Sales stats?. ;)

rainslacker1531d ago

I think the idea behind revealing stuff in december is to take some of the steam out of MS holiday season. People will buy systems on future potential, and if Sony manages to deliver big at the PSE then it could make it more appealing since they have some good games early next year as well, and enough good games already released to hold people over. With all the bundles, it makes it a lot more competative since the releases for the PS4 this holiday may not be as appealing as some of MS releases.

On the other hand, I think 3rd party has the most compelling line up this holiday, so that's likely to be more important than the exclusives.

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URNightmare1531d ago

Even though Microsoft is going strong into this holiday season with a big price cut and bundles, I think PS4 will still come on top. Xbox will come close but not enough.

Jaqen_Hghar1531d ago

In the US. Look at Europe sales sometime and you'll see it's not gonna be close especially because MS hasn't even dropped price there. It makes sense because last gen PS3 outsold 360 there pretty well despite being more expensive the whole gen. MS has a decent chance at winning the November NPD but that's about it.

u4one1531d ago

I agree. I think the Xbox will have much stronger than historical sales, but the ps4 has been doing remarkably well. That's probably not going to change. The US and Canada might be pretty darn close though

deadpools_n641531d ago

I think the 3ds will win. Just saying

miyamoto1531d ago

Do us a favor and leave the kids out of this, okay?

deadpools_n641531d ago

The sad part my kids and myself included log in twice as much more time on the 3ds/vita than we have the consoles in the house

miyamoto1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Yup that is what I am saying " Kids should be better off enjoying them handhelds and not be involved in this word wars between consoles and compannies.".

They need not care about sales figures just playing games and enjoying them with friends and family.

And that is not sad.
Infact its pure untainted gaming joy.
I am glad you have time to play with them. Its becoming uncommon nowadays.

DoctorJones1531d ago

Well I won't be buying a ps4 this holiday. Probably next Xmas. It'll be worth buying then. I'll get one nice and cheap second hand off Ebay.

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