How to Maximising Your Vanguard Marks and Ascendant Material Gains to Hit Destiny Level 30 Fast

You may emphasis shifts away from XP and towards gear once you up on to detsiny level 20 by yourself or other ways.Levels 20 to 30 are about obtaining high-end gear and upgrading it through a mixture of experience (which applies to equipped items) and materials (which you spend unlocking the extra potential of equipment when an item reaches certain experience thresholds). Your overall character level still goes up from 20 to 30, but instead of paying attention to XP the game is interested in the "Light" level associated with your armour. (Also, although it's not relevant for this guide, it's worth noting that any abilities for your character subclass that you haven't unlocked yet will continue to level normally as you accumulate more XP.)

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LionelShelton1532d ago

how to level up to 20, i'm still in struggle

pwnsause_returns1531d ago

-do patrols
-play PVP
-DO BOUNTIES, Seriously....DO BOUNTIES.....
-Do Heroic Strikes, DONT DO WEEKLEY OR NIGHFALL though, you'll have a bad time, unless you have friends helping you through the way,

theDivision1531d ago

@Lionel PwnSause is right here, as soon as you get to PVP and bounties just start doing that and don't even bother with the story anymore. Do strikes to keep your gear up to date as they complete and then once you reach 18 begin doing what the above guide states. If you really like PVP then get faction mark and just begin playing PVP you will rank up much faster with them and be able to reach the rank to get you legendary gear. Though just so you know you only get 3 marks for winning a match and 2 for losing so if you are EXTREMELY unlucky you may have to play 50 matches in a week to get what you want.

LionelShelton1528d ago

DONT DO WEEKLEY OR NIGHFALL?why? pvp is difficult for me i think, i want to try power leveling in, what do you have any good idea.

pwnsause_returns1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

because if you do nightfall as someone below at a level 20, you're going to have a bad time.... same with weekly. those are level 28+

unless you have someone who can carry you around that is around that level, then ok, go for it...

Heres How I got to Level 20,

I played the story on the hardest mode available for the player (beating a mission on hard grants you more XP, and other bonuses, such as leveling your weapons)

ontop of that, i completed the strike missions on story. that helps alot.

as for PvP, i started going in there at around level 15, when i got used to playing destiny. at first i flirted with PvP, but then i realized, i need to get stronger, and i cant do that through PvP, but rather PvE.

Fez1531d ago

1. Stop going outside
2. Devote entire life to grinding
3. ????

Lawboy21532d ago

Screw vanguard takes way to long...factions....also need raid gear for level 30

TM3331531d ago

I did Vanguard and ya, it took quite a while. Makes me feel a little more unique though, so that's kinda cool LOL. Not really a pvp kinda guy.

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JeffGUNZ1529d ago

Not a bad article, but should have mentioned more about the raid. Ascendant shards were the thing I was worried about, but once you do the raid, they come plentiful. I have more then I need to max the two remaining raid gear pieces I am missing. I need some more Energy though, to max out all my exotic/legendary weapons.