First Look: Overwatch, Blizzard’s first new IP in seventeen years

Whispers around the internet led many of us to believe that a new franchise was going to be announced at this year’s BlizzCon. We even knew thanks to evidence of a registered trademark that the game was probably going to be called Overwatch. Sure enough, Blizzard VP Chris Metzen revealed during the opening ceremony this morning that Overwatch is indeed going to be the company’s first new game in seventeen years. What many of us hadn’t anticipated that the new game would be a first-person shooter.

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JPauls1531d ago

It's about time we got a new IP.

I'd love a Blackstone game too.

deadpools_n641531d ago

A fps...... .......
After the shitfest that is Diablo 3. I'm gonna be a lil reserved bout this

Palitera1531d ago

Not only a FPS, a MP "team based", 6x6 FPS.

Seriously? Could they go more generic? From the gameplay trailer it seems like a game born in a 6x6 dev contest, not like an actual Blizzard game.

But well, it can be just another ridiculously bad F2P microtransactions cow instead of an AAA game...

Anyway, people will eat anything marketing teams throw at them. No wonder you have so many "dirdurdur is a disappointment" articles. "Disappointment" to naive people and that's all.

deadpools_n641531d ago

Yeah it sounds bout as awesome as two assassins creeds in one year. Wait that's being overly accepted too
I dunno much other than star craft 2 took an eternity to come out and diablo 3 waited a decade to completely lose our trust .
We'll see if this actually comes out before it gets cancelled like their last new 10yr I.P did

JudgmentJay1530d ago

I seem to be 1 of few that hopes this game is and does well for itself oh well, long live the naive!