Confirmed: Dyson Rejects Gawker Bullies, Ceases Sponsorship

Breaking news this Friday evening, as Dyson has pulled their ad dollars out of Gawker Media. This makes two more sponsors gone this week, and comes fresh on the heels of the Scrivener decision. This movement, cause consumer revolt…whatever you want to call it, it keeps steamrolling the opposition. We may have some internal turmoil, but the havoc we bring to our adversaries hasn’t diminished one bit. GamerGate is as strong as it has ever been.

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Deadpool6161530d ago

I support Gamergate's endeavors for cleaning up the dirt (Like Dyson) but these tube personalities within it needs to cool their jets. I know they means well, but they're starting to remind me of Kenny from the TellTale Walking Dead games...minus the boat fetish.

We the Gamers are here to play.

So let's show these Goombas at Gawker how we do things the Mushroom Kingdom.

JD_Shadow1530d ago

The one thing that actually happened was KingofPol lying about the info to a Ben Denton post, which was too convenient of a find for me to not be somewhat suspicious, and then he went ape shit over things.

However, the Tube personalities include one very prominent one: TotalBiscuit, who has been very active in weeding out the fabrications in the media's attempt to distract by vilifying. The Tube people are part of what has made the traditional media so finicky. Most are sympathetic to the GG side due to them seeing first hand what the corruption was like prior to the Quinnspieracy. TB's gotten burned before by some devs attempts to censor his view on their games, so it's not like we don't know that some people have way too much power that they don't want to let go of.

The Gawker situation is becoming a bit of a weird one, though. You'd think that with all these advertisers jumping ship on the back of this, that not only would the rest of the media pick up that there is something that the "hateful, misogynistic" movement is saying that these sponsors agree with, but that Gawker would at least try to stop the bleeding somehow. But they seem ready to fight to the death and not change one single thing. Either they're not thinking clearly, that they have enough money and power to hold out, they believe that the media blitz and/or their influence on others within the game world might be enough to sway public opinion, or they have a trump card to play still.

mixelon1530d ago

TB is so incredibly moderate thought compared to this stuff, I haven't seen where he's been supporting the notion of selectively mail-bombing advertisers to shut up a media site. That's below him.

Deadpool6161530d ago

Thanks for clarifying that. Sometimes things start to get incoherent to follow. TotalBiscuit has been 120% on point on the discussions and is doing amazing at trying to reach out. I take back what I said about tube personalities. I will say that no matter how much the media says Gamergate is dead, more information comes to light. Dyson is the king of vacuum appliances. They're a pretty big sponsor to lose.

Even if Gamergate isn't mentioned in the media anymore the issues aren't disappearing. Their sponsors are though.

Godmars2901530d ago

Thing is Gawker's issues stem from their owner/editor(?) making the massive mistake of calling for a return to nerd bullying on twitter. Not gamers who associate or recognize as GG, but nerds in general.

It also hasn't helped them that, sticking to anti-GG dogma, that once a advertiser drops them they go on to insult them based on feminism.

Activemessiah1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

That awkward moment when you thought you were untouchable... and then Boom!.. back down to reality.

mixelon1530d ago

"They "bullied" us.. So we're going to do everything in our power to run them out of business!"

This is not the action of someone looking out for "journalistic ethics" this is outright revenge for perceived slights. If you're fighting for a free media they have to be able to say things you disagree with. Jeez. Isn't it *nice* to have a range of different opinions and perspectives? I always thought so.

They shouldn't bow to it, regardless of who it comes from and how righteous the attackers feel they are.

Blacktric1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

"This is not the action of someone looking out for "journalistic ethics"..."

Cry me a river. Gawker dying would be the best thing to happen to the mainstream online media in a long time.

Edit: Oh GOD YES. The amazing io9. The website that sometimes managed to shit out even worse articles than Kotaku and Jezebel combined. Oh the thought of losing it is unbearable! What will we do without such articles like "Wine Tasting Is Bullshit: Here's Why".

mixelon1530d ago

Bullshit it would.

You only have a problem with, I dunno.. Im going to guess - Kotaku? Gawker central? Gizmodo? Jezebel? (lol)

What about the writers who work on stuff like io9? What did they do to offend you? Taking out the entire Gawker network would make anyone responsible a complete asshat. The collateral damage would not be worth it.

You'd think a group that's been so "bullied" would have a sliver of empathy.

Deadpool6161530d ago

Gawker had it coming for a LONG TIME. They're the King of "Click-Bait" and invasion of privacy. Kimmel questioned their behavior years prior to Gamergate.

They're a pretty crappy publication. If Gawker goes down, it will be doing the internet a favor.

mixelon1530d ago

Gawker is a whole load of sites, some better than others. Some totally harmless. Some hire really great people.

So, no I wouldn't be happy at the demolition of Gawker as a whole.

Lol, yes throughout their history they've done some seriously silly stuff. They need to be mindful of that, but this isn't how you get that to happen. They're just as likely to post even more clickbait in the face of diminishing traffic, aren't they?

Roccetarius1530d ago

I smell progress, progress is good. It seems like no matter what they're doing, whatever they do keeps bouncing back against them again.

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