Shy people make more online gaming friends, says new research

People with fewer-than-average friends in real life are likely to make more friends in online games, according to new research.

German psychologists compared the online gaming patterns of people who are shy, with those who are more outgoing, via hundreds of telephone polls. They found that "a positive relationship between emotional sensitivity [shyness] and the number of online gaming friends. The higher a person's emotional sensitivity, the greater number of online gaming friends they had not met offline."

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Snookies121537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

It's because shy people are usually very active in their minds, but can't express it when in the presence of others. They tend to think about what others will think of them if they say or do something wrong. Online lets you be yourself in a completely safe way, without having to worry about the impression people can get from your appearance, the way you talk, or your mannerisms.

I used to be extremely shy in public, up until I was around 18-19 years old. I've completely cast that side of myself away and just learned to let people think what they want to think about me. No reason to change yourself just for others to see you in a more positive light.

Back when I was really shy though, online friends were there to fill the void of not having many real life friends. It's just so much easier to maintain a good relationship with someone who isn't anywhere near you relatively speaking. It's a lot less work most of the time, and there are so many places to find people online. How many strangers do you chat with while out in public? Online, everyone is chatting all the time to strangers. That's why it's so much easier to find online friendship.

Gasian1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I totally agree with you, Snookies. To add I have a very similar experience recently during my last years of high school. My Dad has been moving around for the past 4 years to different states because of his job.

So, before my senior year I opted out to finish my classes online. I am still extremely shy in public, and before I moved the first time had a set net group of friends that I used to hang out with but changed cause of that situation. Online has been my only avenue to make new friends over these past four years.

It allowed me to keep my sanity as a result and not expose myself to being hurt by people who I would honestly only know for a year and for me unable to build a relationship with. Cause of my anxiety and introverted personality causing me to take more time to build relationships in a normal way.

(Before it took me 3 years to really start hanging out with friends, so this moving situation did not help that.)

This definitely helps to make friends when the barrier is not high for me.Not giving the same feeling out 'draining my energy' when I am around people allowing me to open up easier to people online.
I don't think it will ever let me get out of my shell, ,because that is how my personality is and always will be.I do think it will as I mature.

I think it allows for most people who are initially shy to open up there personalities and build new relationships in a totally different and unique way. I do encourage people who are haven't tried it to do so ; it might work for you. :)

P.S.sorry for the immaculate grammar :P

Off Topic- Snookies, How does one feel sadness ever time I look at your new avatar?!?! I am so glad that there is a spin off or I would not be able to stomach the feels. Naruto manga was a great experience ,even though it had its ups and downs ;the original story will be missed. :(