Beasts of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Basarios Subspecies

Zarna Guamore's Charlotte Buckingham writes:

"This week’s Beasts of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate focuses on the Pink Basarios, a subspecies new to the fourth generation!"

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PeaSFor1536d ago

man, the game is seriously FUGLY!

but monster hunter will sell no matter what.

RaikRhythm1536d ago

I'm playing it in Japanese right now (just beat a Tigerstripe Zamtrios, about to take on a Tidal Najarala) and it looks gorgeous. Trailers for 3DS games never do them justice.

PeaSFor1536d ago

Trailers for 3DS games never do them justice. yeah, i have to agree with that.

GetSomeLoGiK1535d ago

MH was never about looks (gameplay > graphics) Irregardless of how it looks, I'll still put 400+ hours into one character.

breakpad1535d ago

bring the damn game to Vita already

obmas1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Change monster crystal color

BAM! New monster. lol i love how mh fans fall for these lame G versions with "more" content. Even a Call of Duty game does a better job at providing more content.