Bomberman Makes A Return, As A Multiplayer Title For Smartphone

Siliconera: With the Bomberman 3DS game cancelled a while back, we haven’t seen a proper game from the series in a while, but fans of the series will have a little something to look forward to for the time being, as an official Bomberman game released for smartphone.

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gangsta_red1533d ago

Damn you...damn you to hell!

Bomberman was one of the first games I played for the 360 and wow, did I have the best time with that game. Pure simple fun, that's all it was!

Listen, we don't need HD, re-master, 4k, special editions of this game! Just give us a great downloadable Bomberman for the new systems!!

SegaGamer1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I agree. Games like this seem to be being pushed away from the consoles these days. We don't just need games to look realistic, sometimes it's good to just sit down and play cartoony games like Bomberman. When i was growing up, games like this were top selling games, in a way i miss those days.

3-4-51532d ago

Bomberman 64 is really solid game.

It also had pretty addicting for the time multiplayer.

weirdo1532d ago

i still play dynablaster on my amiga

deadpools_n641532d ago

:( my phone is gonna murder this game. Hope it comes to the e-shop/ps+/xlive at some point

DiscoKid1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

iOS. The purgatory for console greats.

Venox20081532d ago

Bring back canceled 3ds bomberman and make one for wii u and ps4 and xbox one