Sledgehammer Games Responds to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dedicated Servers Question

Remember when just a few weeks before release, word got out that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will support dedicated servers for multiplayer? While that might have made some people jump with joy, it hasn’t exactly panned out as planned — at least not yet.

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GarrusVakarian1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Ugh...I hate these kind of replies that big companies give their customers/fans. You know, those 'answers your question without really answering your question' type replies. I know, why don't stop talking to us like we were born yesterday and try being a little more transparent with the people who are buying your products? Your severs are crap, we want to know if you are going to improve them. Answer the damn question.

Jesus. They're worse than politicians!

Oh, but never's a double XP weekend to shut you up! Lots of love - Activision.

Lawboy21537d ago

I totally agree...piss poor on activision part

XboxOneX1537d ago

I can totally understand the PS4 not having dedicated servers, but for the Xbox One to not have them is an insult and disrespects everything that Bill Gates has done building up Microsoft to such a high standard and the Xbox brand. I hope that these issues can be fixed and the lag can be fixed.

thief1537d ago

Resistance fall of man and killzone 2 had dedicated servers, while the "pay $50 for the great service" xbox live had p2p servers for the first gears (which ended up as a largest as a result) and halo 3

ShinMaster1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

@ xBoneRx

That makes no sense. If Activision is in charge of these servers, what does XBL and PSN have to do with it?

And to add to what @thief above said. I also played Gears 2 and it was a lagfest in the almighty premium XBL which was supposed to be "light years" ahead of PSN, yet games like Uncharted 2 were pretty smooth in comparison.

Clown_Syndr0me1536d ago


Dedicated servers are better, but look what happened. Resistance isnt even possible to play online anymore, sadly.
I think all games should have dedicated, but then also p2p so when their servers get shut down, temproarily down etc people can still play.

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DJustinUNCHAIND1537d ago

Their servers aren't Crap. They don't exist.

Which is even worse.

gangsta_red1537d ago

"Advanced Warfare employs game servers hosted at data centers globally on all platforms and listen servers as part of our proprietary matchmaking system. Our goal is to ensure the best possible connection and greatest gameplay experience regardless of location and time of day."

That wasn't perfectly clear to you!? I mean it is their goal to make sure we get the best possible experience!!


The93Sting1537d ago

does they look like they care? DO YOU think they would care? why would they? NO? because the next cod is around the corner, its in the works as we speak, copy & pasting as we speak unfortunately... that's what happens every god damn year, the support stops after 2 weeks from release. that's activision for you dear sir.

Volkama1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

The thing is that is actually perfectly clear. It just doesn't appear to be remotely honest.

Eonjay1537d ago

"...the best possible experience."

Yeah they probably should have just left that part out.

badjournalism1537d ago

@Eonjay: They did leave it out....of the game.

Muzikguy1537d ago

@badjournalism lmao yup

@eonjay I agree

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XanderZane1537d ago

Nothing in their reply said we were getting dedicated servers. So I guess the answer would be "NO". Total PR BS. Of course they wouldn't tell you this BEFORE you bought the game.

GarrusVakarian1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

And they have the nerve to say they want to provide us with "the best possible experience". HELLO? Dedicated servers would be the best possible experience, and you haven't given us those, so you clearly AREN'T interested in giving us "the best possible experience".

I'd have been less insulted if they didn't bother replying at all.

Muzikguy1537d ago

I totally agree with the vague answers and politicians part! I didn't and won't buy this game... Maybe the next one lol

CuddlyREDRUM1537d ago

You should try the Driveclub PS Plus Edition's servers.

OutcastMosquito1537d ago

Honestly why are you the top comment on a lot of articles? Do you spend all your days on this site? Do you not have responsibilities?

DLConspiracy1536d ago

The only dedicated support we will get is the dedication to avoiding the damn question.

slivery1536d ago

Pro Tip: You keep paying for shit, you'll keep on getting nothing but shit.

thekhurg1536d ago

Agree but the campaign was fun as hell this time around and well worth the overall cost of the game once I traded it in.

rivencleft1536d ago

Well said, totally agree with that. I've had this game sitting at home since Tuesday, haven't had chance to play it yet but luckily I just rented it from Gamefly, long enough for me to play the campaign and send it right back. Don't particularly care for COD MP, I usually like playing the campaigns of war games, the MP is too much drama,too many 12 year old kids these days have slept with my mother. I haven't enjoyed a decent online experience since Bad Company 2, the MP in that game was just fun. I'd probably feel different if I had more friends that played. But still can't wait to try the game out, working too damn much.

CertifiedGamer1536d ago

xBoneR You know that Bill Gates doesn't care for the Xbox brand and wants to sell it off right.

blackout1536d ago

At the end of the day what did you expect from Activision. And it seems every year a shit load of people continue to buy there games. The joke is on the gamer and will always be. Activisionion could give two butt cheeks about gamers, it's all about the MONEY MONEY MONEY. There seems to be two magnificent games coming out on the 18th (Far Cry & Dragon Age). As gamers we should spend your money else where, as a reality check. And wasn't Titianfall the game Activision told Respawn to suck it, then they come out with a knock off in AW. WOW guys we as games have to wake up.

wsoutlaw871536d ago

Lol they basicly said, our game is p2p but has some servers for match making, you know, like every other p2p game

Iamnemesis48801536d ago

To right feel so warm and fuzzy that they gave us double xp oh joy wont help when the lag hits.

user56695101536d ago

why are gamers paying for mp again? why a series that basically print money doesnt have dedicated servers again

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BigBosss1537d ago

Just give us a damn good game and stop lying to us! is that so much to ask for seriously!

SuperBlur1537d ago

Activision , good , good game . Does not go in the same sentence , you should know better ;)

shloobmm31537d ago

The game itself when it works is actually pretty fantastic. Th problem is it's not working very often.

XtraTrstrL1537d ago

Basically, what they're saying is NO to dedicated server support. They refuse to let go of even 1% of profits to better the gameplay performance. Only if sales were in the hole, like around the time of MW3 on PC when they finally brought dedicated servers back there because they knew that's the main reason sales were so low on the last game on PC. Bobby Kotick has said it before that basically they listen to customers through sales, not through the what the community is actually begging for. So, if kids still buy it up like hotcakes regardless, they don't make those types of changes, especially ones that will cost them any type of $.

Wizard_King1536d ago

^ this

Laddies and gentlemen this is why I haven't bought anything EA/Acti since the summer of 2008 and never ever will again.

Boycott Coca-Cola Amatil products while you are at it, where ever they go they destroying the working mans wages and rights and in the 3rd world Coke-Cola is basically the mafia. Much like EA/Acti with games.

smash10311537d ago

Hmm.......this is a real bs answer. Should we expect dedicated servers or not? My money is on "more bs to come".