Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One “Co-Op” Gameplay Shows Crazy Race, Hilarious Glitches

Ubisoft is hosting a launch livestream for Assassin’s Creed Unity, and one of the funniest event was a “race” done using the game’s co-op mode, during which the four players had to reach the top of the spire of Notre Dame in Paris without touching the ground.

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Marcello1531d ago

Blimey alot of ppl there who love the sound of there own voices.

Nice demo thou, just couldnt enjoy so much cos of all the shrieking :/

Harold_Finch1531d ago

That explains Youtube in two sentences.

Geekman1531d ago

I disagree. Nobody plays Pewdieoies videos just to see gameplay footage. If they wanted that they'd just buy the game. They want to see his reactions, like with all lets players.

starchild1530d ago

I admit I chuckled at a few places in that video. It looked like fun.

spence524901531d ago

The guys they chose to do this were complete idiots who im sure have never played an AC game before. The race was HALARIOUS nonetheless.

Sam Fisher1531d ago

Umm what?... I dont think its that hard on holding the right trigger to sprint and hold forward...

spence524901531d ago

Yeah I'm sure you didn't watch it with a response like that.

Harold_Finch1531d ago

Does ACU have open world co-op or missions or both?

robavila951531d ago

Both, there are missions for co-op as well as free roam.

Brianaro1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

That was dumb but fun.

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