Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the best game in the franchise since Modern Warfare 3

Tech Times: "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the hottest video game available in the market right now, and for all the right reasons. Last year, Activision got it all wrong with Call of Duty: Ghosts, as the game brought nothing new to the table, just the same Call of Duty we've been playing for years in the past."

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BigBosss1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I'd have to say since Modern Warfare 2. MW3 wasn't all that, BO was pretty good due to the zombies and BO 2 was also alright, but not great and Ghost just sucked!

guitarded771535d ago

Yeah, better than MW3. I like it better than MW2 to be honest. All around it has much more balanced MP IMO, and Kevin Spacey was incredible.

FriedGoat1535d ago

I dont understand how his rubber face barely moved. I thought he did Face capture? His face is the least animated of all the characters.

Septic1535d ago

Ugh MW3 was absolutely terrible. AW has that beat by a mile. Still waiting for a COD game to do the franchise justice after MW2 though...

Utalkin2me1535d ago

MW3 was terrible. But AW is the next closest thing to COD4 IMO.

Rickgrimes951535d ago

Completely agree. Mw3 was very disappointing as was BO2 and ghosts was just crap. But I can't remember if black ops came after mw2 if that's the case then id say advanced warfare is the best since black ops cuz I actually liked black ops a lot too

Jaqen_Hghar1534d ago

believe they went 1-4, World at war, MW2, black ops, MW3, Black ops 2, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare. A man hasn't liked any since MW1 but that's mainly because he doesn't like online MP competitive. The story in MW1 was more amazing than any of them because it had an actual sense of pacing and didn't just throw explosions at you.

Oschino19071535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

So from the comments so far many of you prefer Modern Warfare 2 over 3 but no one gives a legitimate reason to why 3 was so bad.

I can give many reasons why MW2 was the worst.

-Streaks were for kills only which promotes camping and ignoring objectives

-Streaks were often OP and purely offensive

-Shotgun secondary especially akimbo 1887.

-Akimbo everything SMG or lower

-Game breaking map glitches

-Infinite ammo/noob tube exploit

-Tactical nuke promotes camping and not playing objective

-Weapons balance easily the worst overall

-Quick scoping mechanic in it's prime

-Most op perks and perk combos ever in COD.

This is just the big problems I can remember quickly. I don't recall them fixing much of anything. How do y'all forget it?

Oh and BTW MW3 did more to balance gameplay and mechanics wise by far over MW2.


-Attempted to fill corners to combat corner camping

-Added gun sway to combat ads camping and quick scoping

-Had more balanced and team oriented streaks

-Don't recall MW2 doing much to tweak gun balance at all as horrific as it was, MW3 though nerfed and buffed many obvious issues early on.

Honestly outside of a few annoying but not game breaking perks/death streaks there is a reason MW3 is my second most played COD after MW1 (BO2 close behind).

Oschino19071535d ago

Forgot to add that MW3 also introduced objectives going towards streaks and assists too if you have Hardline Pro.

KyRo1534d ago

I will understand the love MW2 recives either. IW haven't made a good COD since COD4. I love the Treyarch games so much but AW is pretty damn good start for Sledgehammer games.

Septic1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

No way...absolutely no way on earth.

MW3 had the worst maps in the franchise. Absolutely dire.MW2 had incredible maps like afghan, terminal, even wasteland.

Terrible weapon design, weapons that dealt insane damage with stupid rates of fire.

Sniping was a joke in this game and they made quick scoping even easier! Plus, where were the maps for proper sniping?

MW2 had some problems yes but overall it had the best weapons, best maps and the best gameplay. MW3 tried to fix the problems of MW2 but ended up being an uninspirng mess.

MW3 cant hold a candle to MW2.

Oschino19071534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

@Septic is this like Killzone where you played MW3 for a few hours or weeks and never went back?

Terminal came to MW3 for free.

Maps are purely opinion anyway, I might give vanilla MW2 maps an edge but they weren't that much better.

Don't ignore the MW2 map glitches though, they ruined a few maps and ones like the rock glitch were far to easy to do for anyone.

Wasted IMO was a horrible map at times and cheap for sniping, camping and whoring streaks since there was almost no overhead cover. My highest streaks were on Wasted and it's still far from a favorite.

Best maps IMO for both MW2 and MW3 were their DLC maps. MW3 face off mode and maps were pretty awesome and unique also in COD.

The weapon problems you mention are more in tune with MW2's weapon issues. MW3 had some annoyances early on but were fixed in a reasonable time unlike almost every issue concerning MW2.

Not sure how quick scoping was easier, but it wasn't any more prevalent compared to MW2.

What made MW2 weapons the best?

Or the maps the best?

Or the gameplay the best?

Or better yet what made MW3 worse?

I gave you plenty of reasons and could go further into detail. You have as usually just given vague responses which seem to be uninformed or misleading.

You haven't even refuted a single negative about MW2, so I guess you silently acknowledge them and accept them for the most part.

Odd how the one who usually nit picks things he doesn't like can so easily overlook faults in something they do like.

Jaqen_Hghar1534d ago

From a guy who isn't ever into competitive MP online a man can say he ranks MW2 above 3 simply because the campaign in 3 was much worse. They had lost all sense of pacing or character development and just tried to blow up every monument to give the illusion of epic and it just fell flat on its face. MW2 did this at several points but it still had a little of the COD4 magic left (by far the best SP in the series aside from perhaps the early PS2 ones). Secondly MW2 introduced the spec ops missions which were easily the best part of it and a great addition to the series.

R1CAN6171534d ago

You have to understand that for many Gamers Modern Warfare 2 was there first experience with the COD series so that plays a big part in it but I totally agree with you MW2 was just last out broken

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frostypants1534d ago

Yeah, weird article. Nobody really liked MW3. It was one of the lesser CoDs.

purpleblau1534d ago

Best CGI characters for sure. One of the best I've seen so far. So realistic.

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annoyedgamer1535d ago

MW3? That was a low point, it was second only to Ghosts.

BigBosss1535d ago

Definitely agree! Ghost turned me off so I just returned it back!

JudgmentJay1535d ago

Modern Warfare 2.5 infinity ward for MP with sledgehammer only doing the zombies mode

Robochobo1535d ago

Modern Warfare 3 was God awful. Probably the 2nd worst CoD before Ghosts.

Stuff like SitRep Pro ruined many of the game modes, and 90% of the maps were rubbish.

Lulz_Boat1535d ago

remember the sound whores uh? :D

Relientk771535d ago

It's the best non-Treyarch CoD since Modern Warfare 2

I loved Black Ops 1 and 2 though

SuperBlur1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Thx to the dedicated servers , i can still enjoy COD BO from time to time . I love to hop on a 24/7 Nuketown , its always fun :p

SCW19821535d ago

Is this title a joke because if not that's just insulting.

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