Bow Chica Wow Wow: Video Games and Sex

When it was revealed that two players could have sex in Bioware’s Mass Effect, people kind of lost their minds. Fox News, albeit not the bastion of forward thinking perspectives on sex, proclaimed that Mass Effect allowed players to engage in the a more realistic kind of sex than any medium before, and “hump in every form, format, multiple, gender-oriented possibility they can think of.” Another news anchor said that Mass Effect left “NOTHING to the imagination… in some parts of this you’ll see full digital nudity. Imagine!”

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whateveryoulike1537d ago

I can never understand what the point of gratuitous sex scenes are. Obvs wired up wrong :S

kangbuo1537d ago

maybe because people like sex, and people play games to have fun, thus sex in games makes sense.

Do you question violence in video games ?

In real life, which one is worse: Smashing a skull with an axe or have sex ?

We dont know the purpose of life, but we 're sure that we're all here because people want sex. So it is the most vital and natural thing in the world.

Im not saying we shouldnt have violence in video games, but I am so amazed that people feel bad because their is "gratuitous" sex in games, but they actually doont care about violence.

I'd rather live in a world where everyone wants to have non stop sex than a world where everyone wants to have non stop violence...

fallacious1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Yea this is what I seriously don't get about American media. Oh, it's fine to have someone's head caved in on a tv show or a movie and showing gratuitous amounts of blood and violence, but once a boob pops out people will go aww hell nah! Think of the the children!

It's ridiculous how people are so fine with violence, but are extremely prude about sex or pornography when it's so much more natural than violence.

pkb791537d ago

But I think that's his point. Most of us can go have sex without to much trouble. It's not some crazy fantastical thing, it's biology. I would much rather have games let me fly space ships and shoot zombies and drive over morons around. These are things I can't do in real life, at least not without getting arrested.
So why watch polygons do badly what you can do so much better in real life?

Hereiamhereibe21537d ago

@pkb79 Heres a thought, dont play Mass Effect.

Skankinruby1537d ago

Someone with an ounce of common sense, nice to see. Grand theft auto is without a doubt the most popular franchise out right now and you play a common criminal doing every offensive act under the sun and people can't get enough of it. But if you add sex to a story in a game the same way you would in a movie its considered too offensive for kids. At the worst they'll end up a nympho, far better than a murderer if you ask me.

rainslacker1536d ago


you know in ME you can actually not have sex with another character?

Seriously, other than interactive dramas with some game play element like ME or similar, how many games have any actual sex in them? Maybe 1 in 250? Maybe sexual themes or innuendo, but not that many sex scenes really. How many games that have "choice based" stories actually require you to pursue a sexual relationship with another character? Isnt' it usually optional?

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Spotie1537d ago

Same reason they exist anywhere: sex is good.

thorstein1537d ago

7+ Billion people on the planet.

Where did they come from!?!!

That means humans have had sex (at the minimun) of 7+ BILLION TIMES in the past 80 years.

Since sex isn't a one and done for pregnancy, the actual total is much, much higher.

Ooooh, how taboo!

mochachino1537d ago

Just adds to game variety and makes characters seem more normal.

BQ321537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

America is ridiculous in its puritan views and how sex has almost become villainized. So hypocritical as the media preaches religion and abstanence yet almost EVERYBODY without exception wants to have and or fantasizes about sex as it is the driving force of life. Now, some of you state that we can have sex but can't fly a plane or cap some fools in real life so they have their place. Well lets be true and stop being hypocritical. I am a fit male with a beautiful girl and have had many sexual encounters in my life. However, I still fantasize about beautiful women I can't have and long for a day when virtual sex is something that is exceptable as it combines my favorite past time with my stongest natural drive. Virtual Reality sex will take this even further in allowing individuals to live out many more common fantasies then any amount of decapitaion or aviation could do. Interactive sex/porn may also satisfy pent up needs and frustration while multiplayer virtual sexual interaction is a great way for individuals to share a sexual experience without the risks of disease or exposure. Virtual sexual interaction should not only stop being taboo but should also and probably will become a staple of our virtual future.

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DougLord1537d ago

Sec in video games is stupid, as are "relationships" unless they are fundamental to the story and the other character will be kidnapped, killed or otherwise in danger. I have a wife and I know where to get free porn on the internet.

SaveFerris1537d ago

If sex and relationships are fine for movies and books, why is it so bad for video games? If done right, having your character romance companions can add to the game if it fits well within the story. A lot of these RPGs are made for mature audiences, so why shouldn't sex be included, so long as it is done tastefully and not 'press X for sex', what is wrong with it?

1537d ago
Godmars2901537d ago

"If done right" is the key thing. If you're going to make a scene where two character just had sex regardless of how such relates to the game's story, putting them back in underwear immediately after is sign that you're not doing it right.

OB1Biker1537d ago

I agree. Whats up with sex in video games? They are supposed to be rated for 'adult/mature' as long as its just 'erotic' and doesnt fall in porn genre. really check out any other media for many years, games are retarded in that regard. Makes me think of TV decades ago

rainslacker1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I dunno, the QTE ones can actually be amusing the first time. Only one I can actually recall though is God of War, and I think that was just meant to be a joke. Luckily we don't see that form of sex scene too often though.


what about in Mass Effect where they never bother to take off their underwear....or in some cases any of their uniform.

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