Kickstarter Weekly: Obey, Empyrion, and Weather Zen

Garrett from The Koalition writes:

The adjectives “innovative” and “unique” are found all over Kickstarter, let alone in the marketing campaigns of mainstream video games. When I look for games on Kickstarter, I don’t expect to find the video game equivalent to the wheel in terms of innovation, and I certainly have no problem covering games that put their own spin on a conventional genre. However, every other week I find three games that, while I wouldn’t necessarily describe all of them as innovative, implement fresh, interesting ideas.

Obey is a multiplayer tower-defense game that focuses on coercion rather than gunplay. Empyrion: Galactic Survival challenges you to escape a barren planet by mastering a mixture of tower-defense and crafting gameplay. Finally, Weather Zen pits you against one of mankinds greatest threats: unpredictable weather.

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