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REVIEW: The Bayonetta 2 experience "is one that every Wii U owner should share.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

So apparently, even before factoring in digital sales, Bay 2's first week of state-side sales have out-done the first week sales of Bayonetta 1's original release, especially after factoring in the difference in install bases during the time of the first game's release and the install base of the Wii U during Bay 2's release.

XBox 360 Bayonetta week 1 sales: 91,668 units.
Install base at that time: 18,305,518 units.

PS3 Bayonetta week 1 sales: 53,049 units.
Install base at that time: 11,400,743 units

Combined install base in the US: 29,346,261 units.

Now, the first 2 days of sales for Bay 2, not including digital sales or Japanese sales, at an estimate based off of the only charts currently tracking it:
190,087 units.

Install base of the Wii U: 7.29M

It's not that 1M we were hoping for right off the bat, but after the Japanese sales got people down, this is still a victory.
I'm hoping it continues to keep selling through the holidays so that it can at least reach the 500K mark.
Call me an optimist.
This is very good news after all of the doom&gloom that this game has unjustly suffered through.

marloc_x1535d ago

I did my part ;)

Fantastic game.

jcnba281535d ago

All the haters can eat crow now ;)

vengeance1535d ago

I was only saying the other day how no one is reporting on bayonetta 2 sales so they must be good, if they where bad every gaming site would be all over it.