Controls are a Detriment to Smartphones

The race between handheld systems and smartphone gaming aren't as close as you think—and it's all due to controls.

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uth111535d ago

you can say that again

TheWackyMan1535d ago

Controls are a Detriment to Smartphones. ;)

uth111535d ago

alright alright, I heard you the first time! :P

deadpools_n641535d ago

I would haft a agree. In my house the kids and myself prefer the 3ds over the phone but my wife and mother in law prefer the phone. Also choice in games factors us also. Even though I don't give a rats as but candy crush I know my wife doesn't care but making that next level on castlevania. But controls do factor in on ease of play for some people. I guess the biggest difference is I started playing on the original gameboy and she started with the super nintendo. Fast forward to today and she plays constantly on the phone and me and the kiddos go back and forth on the 3ds/vita

filchron1535d ago

you let your wife game on a telephone? youre not a gamester. --->