GOTY 2014 – The Wii U has at least 3 serious contenders

Serious Sammy writes - Although 2014 is not yet over and there are still a few gaming gems for all of us to get our teeth into before the year is out, 2014 has not had such a bad year in terms of quality games. While 2014 on the one hand will be known to us Wii U gamers as the disappointing year that saw the end of 3rd party quality multiplats stop releasing on the Wii U, on the other hand we did get some very good exclusive software. Reading this article will hopefully give you a bit of understanding as to why I believe that the Wii U has three serious contenders for GOTY 2014.

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gangsta_red1532d ago

People keep talking about metacritic when comparing lists of X1 and PS4 but a lot seem to leave out the Wii which has the highest metacritic games to date.

And all on a "weaker" system too.

Lord_Sloth1532d ago

I'm sorry, why is weaker in quotations here? The system IS weaker straight up in terms of specs.

user55757081532d ago

no the WiiU does 1080p while the xbox one only does 900p. the ps4 only does everything however.

deafdani1532d ago

People disagreeing with a hard, cold fact. Lol. Way to be overdefensive, guys. He wasn't attacking the Wii U or anything, just saying things the way they actually are.

ChickeyCantor1531d ago


It is weaker, but don't you think it's counter intuitive to use the "specs" argument when discussing consoles? It looks like Nintendo games simply rank high.

Lord_Sloth1531d ago

^ I don't use specs in my arguments so your point is moot. I was just asking a question. I know power doesn't equal worth.

ChickeyCantor1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

" I don't use specs in my arguments so your point is moot. "

Yeah brilliant way to miss the point, twice. The "weaker" remark was a jab at the so called "console wars" where everyone is circle jerking to higher specs and blockbuster titles that perform abysmal.

He wasn't denying the fact that the WiiU is weaker than the other consoles. You completely missed the mark there, mate.

frezhblunts1531d ago

I say that all the time, xbox one and ps4 is like 5 times stronger than wii u but wii u games can hit that 60 fps smoothly with 720p native and 1080 p upscaled. Still there are times where the games are 1080 p and 60 fps or 1080p and 30 fps. For example super smash bros confirmed to be 1080p and 60 fps and yet there are games on the other consoles not hitting that.

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sonic9891532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

System power has nothing to do with games quality something nintendo and sony always succeed in providing can't say the same about microsoft maybe phil Spencer might change somethings maaaaybe.
It was a good year for nintendo sofware wise congrats to them and I feel great that games like mario are appreciated because I love lbp and I want that market to continue.
Sony will provide tons of games next year its their time to start their cylinders historically, nintendo also is doing a great job .
Next year shall be a classic sony vs nintendo routine and the winner is the consumer.

Spartacus101532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

All the wii U games will be fighting for the scraps left by TLOU, GTA V and Far Cry 4.

I even think other games like shadow of mordor and Diablo 3 ultimate edition will snatch a few awards over wii U games too.

sonic9891532d ago

Even though am a sony fan myself that's ridiculous.
The guys over at nintendo worked hard to make those games they deserve recognition for it.
Its not like sony won't release great games after year one, unless you are microsoft fan then that's a different story altogether.

Summons751532d ago

It's sad the 4 of the contenders you mentioned are rereleases and really shouldn't be considered at all since they've already been released. Shadow of Mordor is a good contender though.

Theyellowflash301532d ago

Fighting over the scraps of re-releases?


Bayonetta 2 is better than all those games you mentioned. It's actually "NEW".

Ck1x1532d ago

Most of the websites like IGN and Gametrailers said they won't even include remastered games into their GOTY nominations.

eworthington01532d ago

Tlou is a good game but I honestly had a lot more fun with bayo2...

Joydivision391532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

You are an idiot LOL. Please GTFO and never comeback with such a comment that made me laugh hysterically.

"All the wii U games will be fighting for the scraps left by TLOU, GTA V and Far Cry 4."

"I even think other games like shadow of mordor and Diablo 3 ultimate edition will snatch a few awards over wii U games too."

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lelo2play1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

With all due respect to Nintendo, but I'm really not into games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros, and probably would never purchase them. I simply don't find them interesting.

Now Bayonetta 2, that would be a game I would purchase if I had a WiiU.

Well... it's all a question of opinions and preferences.

kwandar1532d ago

How about Zombi U, or Deus Ex Director's Cut, or Xenoblade?:)

lelo2play1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

This was related to the 3 games presented on the
As for your 3 games:
- Deus Ex Director's Cut, already got it on the PC.
- Zombi U looks OK-ish. Probably get it when it was cheaper. I rarely get exited for FPS's nowadays.
- Xenoblade Chronicles X, looks good so far, likely be a purchase.

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eyeofcore1532d ago

Well duh...

Bayonetta 2, Mario kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for(4) Wii U...

Masterchief_thegoat1532d ago

3party is wining game of the year

Ck1x1532d ago

Not this year they aren't! If Batman would have dropped this year then I probably would have agreed.

Masterchief_thegoat1531d ago

when I meant 3rdparty, i was talking about bayonetta,

jcnba281532d ago

Bayo 2, Smash, MK8, Shovel Knight...

Vegamyster1532d ago

The game on the Wii-U i've enjoyed the most was DKC: Tropical Freeze, everything about it was great and the music is some of the best i've heard in years.

Kevlar0091532d ago

David Wise is the best. He should be more heavily sought after.

Bubbamilk1531d ago

I know this is 15 hours late but I love the music is dk so much I had to say something. The moment I truly got excited for tropical freeze is when they announced David wise coming back for the music, and it didn't disappoint.

Music adds so much to a game when done right, and donkey kong is a prime example of that. Even after all these years I can hum every tune from dk 1 and diddys quest without even hearing it first. It is in my brain forever, and I imagine 20 years from now I will say the same thing about tropical freeze

Vegamyster1531d ago

His music was nostalgic & fresh at the same time, he's truly a brilliant musician/composer.

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