Splatoon’s single player plot has been revealed

Earlier this week during the Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Splatoon will also have a single-player focused portion of the game. Previously we assumed the game would be entirely multiplayer, as when the game was revealed at E3 that’s the only portion that was shown off. The official Splatoon Japanese Twitter account has given some hints as to the plot for the single player game in one of its tweets

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Kalebninja1537d ago

well that changes everything, they acted like is was a multiplayer only back at e3.

shaw981537d ago

They did say there was going to be single player but they showed nothing of it. They said the core is in multiplayer.

shaw981537d ago

Hope it is a decent length. It looks so creative in level progression I want it to last at least a couple of hours.

ChickeyCantor1537d ago

I'm just in love with that paint shader.

Metallox1537d ago

I just love the bizarreness of this game.

muffinbutton1537d ago

The level design reminds me of Super Mario 64