This dude made the tuk-tuk from Far Cry 4 in real life

Surely you remember the tuk-tuk featured in most of the Far Cry 4 trailers?

Colinfurze decided to make a very powerful tuk-tuk, just like the one seen in the Far Cry 4 trailers. Of course he didn’t just buy a tuk-tuk and paint it. He bought one, stripped out its engine and put a super bike 100bhp engine in its place.

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AgentSmithPS41530d ago

That looks a lot better than the one I drove in a vietnam addon for Battlefield. I used to roadkill people with them when I was bored and this reminded me of a noob with an LMG. I was looking for victims and he was uphill, the engine was weak but I went for it anyway, he heard me and held the trigger down spraying forever. I hit him going less than 5 mph and he died.