Rumor: Sony readying “massive PlayStation 4 bundle” for Black Friday

Sony will have a brand new PlayStation 4 bundle specifically for Black Friday.

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CerealKiller1531d ago

Infamous, Killzone, and Knack, we already seen it leaked on Costco's website.

madmonkey011531d ago

nice variety for new owners, so it could sell well,

UltimateMaster1531d ago

Replace Knack by The Last of Us and the PS4 dominates the holiday sales.

EeJLP-1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


That would be a better bundle for a core gamer, but then there's no 'family'/kiddie game to attract a wider consumer base.

With Knack included, a random parent of a 7 year old would probably be more likely to buy it than if it came with Grand Theft Auto, Killzone, and DeathPunch 5000.

LBP3 would've been a good choice, but that's brand new. LBP3 and TLOU are still desirable products that people would be likely to buy in addition to the bundle (either right away or at a later date), so it's probably smarter that they didn't include those. They're also getting one last big push on those Knack units. LBP3/TLOU could have pushed more bundles (it will very likely sell out quick either way), but decreased 'after-sales'. Then one quality after-sale (LBP3/TLOU) would lead to more game sales. Instead of a potentially disappointing after-sale if the customer bought Knack separately, they'd probably be more hesitant in shelling out additional game money going forward.

Expect an LBP3 'Complete/Special Edition' to be part of the 2015 Black Friday bundle, like the LBP2 Special Edition in 2011. LBP2 came out in January 2011, then was included with R&C:A4O in the 2011 Black Friday bundle. Knack's time will have long passed by then and LBP3 would have had a solid year of sales instead of giving it away this year and losing a bunch of those launch buys.

badz1491531d ago

seriously, Knack is not kiddie at all. it's hard even on normal.

madmonkey011531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Knack is simple enough just some times annoying when you have to do the same part over again, but its mostly about timing your movements right, my 9 year old finished it on normal. but it i think it is designed to be played co-op locally, as that makes it much easier.

bouzebbal1531d ago

i think there is a GTAV and TLoU bundle if i'm not mistaking.
People are still waiting for PS4+Vita or PS4+PSTV.

UltimateMaster1530d ago

Then have a Killzone SF + Infamous SS + The Last of Us on one bundle. And makes Another With Knack, LBP3, Resogun one for the kids.
Simple, right?

But I guess Sony wants people to go out and actually buy their games.
You can't just release all the great games in a year in a single bundle because then people will just wait for the holidays to buy their console.

chrismichaels041530d ago

A PS4 bundled with 2 very good core games and a decently fun family game is an awesome deal. The PS4 is on all of my nephews Xmas wish lists this year.

iliimaster1530d ago

idk about u guys but i want
DEATH punch [email protected] lol

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ABizzel11531d ago


That's not bad, but I've been seeing a GTA5 + Last of Us Bundle for $399

Antifan1531d ago

Holy cockz. That's a deal.

MajorGecko1531d ago

RIP to this years victims of black friday stampedes dont bring yo kids!

generalthadeape1531d ago

Holy shit that's an awesome deal!

I just bought my PS4 last weekend and these deals are killing me.

Too bad there is no Meijers around where I live.

ABizzel11531d ago


I doubt that Meijers is the only one with that deal. I'm sure at least Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Target will have the deal as well.

EeJLP-1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

That's a damn good deal, especially with the "save $50 on you next shopping trip", so add another game for $10 basically..

*PlayStation 4
*The Last Of Us: Remastered
*Grand Theft Auto V: Remastered
*Uncharted 4 preorder paid in full

Alternate LBP3 / Lego Batman 3 bundle also mentioned in the description.

donthate1531d ago

I was going to say that is a great deal, but right next to the PS4 is a Xbox One for $329 with the latest Assassin's Creed game as well as last years iteration.

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SmielmaN1531d ago

Brack Friday bunderu!!!

TheOnlyMastrx1530d ago

Damn, you beat me to it! I didn't see this article yesterday /: lol

1531d ago
kreate1531d ago

Is there a ps3 bundle? I want another ps3.

All_Consoles1530d ago

It's funny how all three games failed to meet quality expectations

XanderZane1530d ago

Did they link the price as well? I'm pretty sure Microsoft will be doing the same thing with Halo: MCC and probably Horizon 2. Knowing retailers, they will probably lower that $350 price tag down to $299 for those bundles during the Black Friday weekend only. There will also be a GTA V bundle for both the PS4 and XB1 during Black Friday. If I were rich, I would definitely grab a PS4 and XB1 bundles this holiday. I expect a LOT of systems to be sold this holiday.

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kevnb1531d ago

the ps4 doesnt even need a massive bundle, but its cool that they are offering some nice bundles :).

FlameHawk1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Why do people keep saying this? This is the holidays we are talking about. Price is what actually matters. Parents are the ones who are going to be buying the consoles for their kids and they will take the price into consideration.

Muzikguy1531d ago

This is true, but I'm sure parents also know what their kids would play. If when I was younger my parents bought me something I didn't want, I wouldn't play it

OB1Biker1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

There are so many good deals everywhere already for both consoles equally

Summons751531d ago

Add this to an inevitable price drop means Sony wins again.

Jaqen_Hghar1531d ago

price isn't dropping until September most likely

XanderZane1530d ago

What price drop? Sony can't afford to drop any prices. They will probably sell that 3 game bundle for $450 and they will all be DD copies with no disks. Sony will hope retailers drop the price down to $399 so it can compete. They should do a Infamous SS & TLOU bundle for $399 with full disk games. I could see gamers jumping on that.

SmielmaN1531d ago

Damn you beat me to it! Lol. 😝

MasterCornholio1531d ago

Holy crap and it comes with a map of Japan?

Why didn't I wait a while before buying my PS4?



Thats funny as heck. Thanks for sharing.

TripC501531d ago

I'll wait for the slim and Uncharted 4.

CervantesPR11531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Slims versions are not always as reliable and PS4 is already slim :)

dragon821531d ago

How much slimmer can this thing get??

TripC501531d ago

just saying. They will for sure have a newer model and or Unchared 4 bundle.. something of that nature

traumadisaster1531d ago

Me too. Drakes is only thing tempting me. Can't see buyin for a couple games that slightly interest me.

Kz is meh but I will play at bargin.
Inf I just can't get into for some reason.
Loved tlos and will re buy
Loved motorstorm but DC is a mess and I will buy that
So I really have to wait since i have 300 steam games backlogged

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