Sony PlayStation 4 Taking The Battle, Microsoft Xbox One Wanting the War

Sony and Microsoft continue to wage war throughout this console generation and as year two rolls around the Xbox One has started to gain ground.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1531d ago

Now that was a perfectly written, OBJECTIVE article. Thank you Fansided for simply stating the facts. Other " gaming journalists" should take note and stop spewing nonsense.

BiggerBoss1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I disagree with the author on that this gen will be at least as long as the last. With how rapidly new technology is coming out, i just dont see this gen lasting that long. Especially since Ps4 and Xbox one are x86, and will be much easier for devs to master

Also, unless Xbox one sales begin to really gain ground on the ps4, MS just arent gonna let the gen last that long. Theyll likely want to launch a new gen early like they did with the 360

BitbyDeath1531d ago

Probably about 7 years. Last gen did go for way too long, think the 360 was on its 9th year.

lemoncake1530d ago

While this gen might not last as long as the last i think the consoles themselves will be around for a long time as they will get turned into cheap game streaming boxes alongside the new gen.

Griever1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

What is up with the stream of these articles that claim one console to be on top of the other in some way either in short term or long term. It looks like the "journalists" have taken it up to themselves to fight the console wars instead of letting the sales do the talking.
Anyway I do not agree with the author when he claims that Sony has already released most of its big games and Ms is just starting to release them. Isnt that the opposite of what everyone has been claiming? That Xbox One has had more and better exclusives since the launch and PS4 has no games? None of the truly big PS4 exclusives have been released yet. What the hell is the author talking about? Uncharted 4, Santa Monica's game, Guerilla's games, Sony Bend's game, Order 1886 (maybe big but not sure) Bloodborne and Persona 5. Oh and most of the JRPGs will be exclusive too. On the other hand, Xbox has released many its much hyped games including Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive and TWO Forzas in one year! They are yet to release only Halo 5, Scalebound, Quantum Break and Fable. What about after that? Microsoft is already exhausting its games supply too soon in desperation to sell its console. While Sony is not worried and just pacing its releases more evenly. Finally, the author is forgetting the biggest handicap that will never let Xbox One overtake PS4 worldwide: the Japanese market. The Japanese sales will always help PS4 stay in the lead worldwide even if Xbox overtakes it in US.

snookiegamer1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


'...unless Xbox one sales begin to really gain ground on the ps4, MS just arent gonna let the gen last that long. Theyll likely want to launch a new gen early like they did with the 360'

Which proved very unpopular with Xbox Original owners! Mastery of any system architecture does not necessarily equate to obsolete technology, but improved coding and squeezing every last ounce out of that hardware.

SardoNumspa1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Last gen was just about as long as previous gens - 6 to 7 years.

Microsoft rushing out the door its RRoD plagued Xbox 360 a year early doesn't make the gen any longer.

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TheWatercooler1530d ago

PS4 is taking the battle and the war. Microsoft can want as much as they like. Nothing is changing

miyamoto1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


The reason the Xbox One is not selling is not because of the guys don't get it do you?

Its the fact that M$ declared war against the consumer, the gamers with their anti consumer policies! They did not declare war against the PS4.

PS4 did nothing two E3s ago. The PlaySaviour4 just had to be itself. As the next best next generation alternative before the Wii U. PS4 did not even have to lift a finger.

Of all the people to piss off M$ pissed off the consumer.

The majority couldnt care less about power and specs and sofware line up. If that is the reason then the competition could have been neck on neck.

Its their first impression that will continue to be a curse on MS and the poor Xbox One.

PS3 launch price problem was fixable by periodic price cuts but how do you solve a problem like Xbox One's lost public trust and backstabbing?????

Do you guys remember how many years Nintendo suffered after backstabbing Sony at CES 1991?

Yes siree!

TWO generations!

But this time its a backstab against the gamers not Sony! How much more ill will can actually happen? Declaring war against the gamers is beyond fixable.

The only gamers that may buy another Xbox console are those who does not know what happened.

SpinalRemains1381530d ago

Until year 4 when MS drops all exclusives like they do every generation.

Jaqen_Hghar1530d ago

They can't keep up with Sony on the exclusives front as proves. The only reason that it's even that close is because MS didn't bring anything to 360 for years in order to frontload their launch (DR3, Ryse, and Forza). Once Sony gets in full swing things will be even more 1 sided. Sony has more studios it's just that simple.

Also if sales continue the way they do MS will drop their console just like last time they were a niche product. Wouldn't be surprised they obviously don't have the policy of getting customers to come back out of satisfaction but rather with trickery.

sovkhan1530d ago

Nailed it Jaqen, that's exactly how I see it.

And you can add, since for Ms, the big money is made the holiday season, why bother releasing games all the year long...

Let's just hold our few exclusives for the big season, and that exactly what is happening...

But instead of questioning Ms strategy, its fans come bragging " Look we have the best holiday line up "

My answer is what did you get the past six months???

Jaqen_Hghar1530d ago

This proves PS4 isn't "resting on its laurels"

Sony also is bringing it on the software front with the hugely innovative shareplay and better sharing options for clips and screenshots. They are going for it all this gen and Playstation is known for their long-term sales.

ReturnToSanity1530d ago

Share play lol, running at 720p and 14 AAA games blocked. Good one.

Jaqen_Hghar1530d ago

Good thing Playstation gamers don't care if our sharing is in 720p as much as the haters would have people believe. Also it's not about the FEW games that don't allow it. The fact that we get ANY games to share without that person even buying it is just INCREDIBLE! Can you really insult something isn't even available at all on other systems?

zeuanimals1530d ago

Shareplay or no shareplay. Take your pick.

It's also funny that you have a problem with 720p, seeing as your preferred console has a number of games running at that resolution, natively.

snookiegamer1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

'Sony and Microsoft continue to wage war throughout this console generation ....'

More like 'Fanboys' waging dumb pathetic console wars!

Pogmathoin1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Snookie, I said it before, Sony and MS can fight for our business with great games, thats a win for gamers. Its sites like this that promote negativity on either side, which is ridiculous even calling it sides. I owned Spectrum and C64, I owned ST and Amiga, I owned Sega and Nin.... I owned PS, Xbox..... Since 360 and PS3, things just went toxic, people became super heros behind a keyboard.... These superheros hounded those who make the very games they claim to love...... Its sickening.... When is enough enough? PS4 is doing great...MS is making great strides, yet for every positive, you get a thousand negatives here..... These people call themselves gamers......

Love to hug naked chicks, I do read the articles, just got to the point where I do not care on this site anymore....

No_Limit1530d ago

Very nice article. Even N4G was put on the spot to prove the point. It is indeed a Marathon and not a sprint and we'll have to see what the next few years bring. Very exciting time to be a gamer and not a fanboy with all the competition and games release for all the systems involve.

OB1Biker1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

'A quick look at the hottest stories on N4G...It’s clear that the consumer market is run by fandom of products'
Why would N4G articles be relevant for his assumption of the market?
IMO its sounds rather like a lazy article with a few cliches anyone can do
Yea its a marathon not a sprint.. ok ok
and then he brings up 'you must have money in order to make money. Microsoft has plenty of it'
OK dont get me wrong Im not having any of those fanboy arguments typically using those same cliches but seriously you could say those same assertions a few years ago, it just doesnt sound very umm analytic...

kurruptor1530d ago

I think the article got some things wrong.

First it says Sony is winning the battle. No, they are currently winning the war.

MS is shooting their load last 3 months of this year. They may win that battle. They're also trying to make everyone forgot the first 9 months. Titanfall was a failure. Their price drops have failed.

Article says Sony has nothing upcoming. Rest of the year not many exclusives true. But into next year Sony kills MS.

MS is already trying to talk about Holiday 2015 because they have nothing for the first 9 months.

They can't win the war by trying to release some games around Christmas. shows it all. Sony won the past. They have more set for the future. Everyone knows Sony has better exclusives in the long run.

MS only has their big bucks to try to win this war by buying a lot more exclusives.

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